CHECK THIS OUT: Aaron Ramsdale is a “SAFER goalkeeper” and “more accomplished” than England No. 1 Jordan Pickford.

In a contentious argument with Ian Ladyman on It’s All Coming Up, Chris Sutton maintains that Aaron Ramsdale is a “SAFER goalkeeper” and “more accomplished” than England No. 1 Jordan Pickford.

The most recent episode of Mail Sport’s podcast It’s All Coming Up! can be listened to.

  • Jordan Pickford and Aaron Ramsdale both received opportunities to represent England.
  • Chris Sutton wants Ramsdale to play, but the Everton man is still the No. 1.
  • Chris Sutton thinks Jordan Pickford, the No. 1 goalkeeper for England, is outclassed by Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal as a “more accomplished and safer goalkeeper.”.

In an argument with Ian Ladyman on Mail Sport’s It’s All Coming Up podcast, the former Premier League champion argued that Ramsdale is rapidly catching up to Everton’s shot-stopper and claimed that in some circumstances, he prefers the Arsenal player “every day of the week.”.

The Three Lions drew 1-1 with Ukraine last Friday, picking up their first point of the Euro 2024 qualifying campaign.

Pickford remained in goal.

In a special heritage friendly to honor 150 years of international football, Gareth Southgate then gave Ramsdale the gloves at Hampden Park on Tuesday as England defeated Scotland 3-1.

Pickford, who during his time in goal has guided England to a World Cup semifinal in 2018 and a Euro final in 2020, has had a rough stretch with Everton this season, failing to keep a clean sheet in their first four games.

Chris Sutton (right), who observed the two goalkeepers during the international break, thinks Aaron Ramsdale is “a more accomplished and safer goalkeeper” than England No. 1 Jordan Pickford.

Even though Everton has had a difficult start to the season, Pickford is still Gareth Southgate’s No. 1 goalkeeper.

At Hampden Park on Tuesday, England defeated Scotland 3-1 with a big performance from Arsenal’s Ramsdale.

Ramsdale failed to impress “with his hands and with his feet” against Scotland, in Ladyman’s opinion, and the international break demonstrated that Pickford is the proper No. 1 goalkeeper for England right now.

I have to admit, after watching both of these players play for England over the past few days, I have to say, I don’t think there’s much of a contest there.

Jordan Pickford, both with his hands and with his feet, is currently by far our best goalkeeper, in my opinion.’.

I’d choose Ramsdale over Pickford any day of the week if a ball were to enter the box or a free kick was whipped into the box in the 92nd minute of a close game, Sutton quickly shot back.

He is a more skilled and secure goalkeeper in my opinion.’.

This weekend’s Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park pits Pickford and Ramsdale against one another.

Ramsdale has received some minor criticism for his passing ability when compared to goalkeepers from the Premier League like Ederson, Alisson, and Andre Onana.

Ramsdale is aware that in order to keep his spot at the Emirates, David Raya, who Arsenal acquired on loan from Brentford this summer, must perform at his absolute best.

After giving up against Ukraine in the 1-1 draw, Pickford (left) yells at his defense.

Ramsdale is generally thought to be a worse passer than the Toffees star and current England No 1.

When it comes to passing out from the back, Ramsdale and Pickford aren’t too far apart, according to Sutton.

In response to the argument over Pickford’s footwork, he continued, “Pickford is a little bit cleaner, but I don’t think Ramsdale is that bad.”. Did you not notice the game’s raking long pass to Trippier, considering you were at Hampden the other night?

Even though Ladyman agreed with his podcast partner, Ramsdale showed signs of trembling at some points during the victory at Hampden Park.

“Yes, I did, but I also witnessed other instances where he had the ball at his feet and was much less successful.

And regarding Pickford, I understand what you’re saying, he retorted.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I believe you are referring to that slightly excitable aspect of Pickford’s personality, which can cause him to become extremely emotionally invested in his games, when you mention a cross in the 90th minute.

That was the flaw I pointed out.

When they were eliminated in 2018.

In fact, I believed that would make it difficult for him to remain an international.

I believe he wised up a bit though.’.

Pickford and Ramsdale, in Ladyman’s (left) opinion, aren’t really in much of a competition because the Everton keeper is much more skilled and experienced.

As Chris Sutton continued to support Ramsdale, he questioned: “But are you saying that Ramsdale is that bad an option?

That seems to be where you’re going with this.”.

“I believe that the two goalkeepers are very evenly matched.”. I believe that most Americans would say that Ramsdale is preferred over Pickford if they had to make a choice.’.

Ladyman replied, “Wow, I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

I’m not having any of it.”. I don’t know where you saw that.

Watch what transpires at Goodison on Sunday.

And you never know, we might have a little bit more Ramsdale vs. Pickford evidence to go to when we get together for It’s All Kicking Off on Monday morning in the studio.’.

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