CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Retaining the Champions League is “easier” for Manchester City, according to Pep Guardiola.

Jack Grealish, John Stones, and Mateo Kovacic are all injured, and Guardiola says they won’t be available on Tuesday.

According to manager Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s effort to defend its Champions League title will be easier than its protracted quest to win Europe’s top club competition.

City put an end to years of futility in the competition by winning the Champions League for the first time in June with a 1-0 victory over Inter Milan in Istanbul.

Guardiola responded when asked about City’s chances of winning the championship again before their Group G opener against Red Star Belgrade at home: “It’ll be easier.

The first one is the most difficult to win.

Even though it is only one, it is amazing to us.

Guardiola added that his team should not relax, saying that tomorrow (Tuesday) is just the beginning. The first three points are what we’ll try to achieve.

Keeping the players from feeling at ease is crucial. Although it is amazing that our club won the Champions League, many other clubs have also achieved this feat.

“We are extremely proud, even though we haven’t done anything particularly noteworthy with just one.”.

Jack Grealish, John Stones, and Mateo Kovacic, who were all sidelined for City’s 3-1 victory at West Ham United on Saturday, according to Guardiola, still won’t be available on Tuesday.

Guardiola continued, “I think they are improving; they are not for tomorrow.

“Hopefully for Nottingham Forest (in the Premier League on Saturday) or upcoming games because we need it because we don’t have a large squad at that time, but it is what it is.

“Take a look at how we proved (ourself) in the most recent games without them.

We need the competition, so hopefully they’ll be back soon.”.

In order to complete the treble last season, City also won the Premier League and the FA Cup, but Kyle Walker of England’s right back said the team was still motivated despite their accomplishments.

“It’s our responsibility to be inspired.

We’re in this huge club for a reason, he told the media.

Aims of PSG.

On the eve of Paris St. Germain’s group-stage match against Borussia Dortmund, manager Luis Enrique warned that a fixation on winning the Champions League would only hurt the Ligue 1 team.

Since Qatar Sports Investments took over in 2011, PSG has been the most successful club in France, winning the league nine times.

Aside from winning the Champions League, they have also been successful in France’s domestic cup competitions.

The French champions resume their pursuit of the elusive trophy on Tuesday when they play Dortmund in the opening match of a challenging group that also includes Newcastle United of England and seven-time champion AC Milan of Italy.

“It’s never a good sign when a club becomes fixated on something.

Prior to the match at Parc des Princes on Monday, Luis Enrique told reporters that while ambition is necessary, obsession is not

“You need to wait and see how the game plays out; football is a fantastic sport, so any outcome is possible.

“You can play a great game and lose, or you can play poorly and succeed.

Our club’s goal in participating in every competition is to succeed.

Even though it’s ambitious, it’s necessary. “.

Marquinhos, the team captain, echoed Enrique when he said, “The Champions League is not an obsession, there is no pressure.

Since we are competitors, and the club is focused on winning every competition, including this one, we are working.”.

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