In a difficult situation, should Barcelona sell Kounde or Christensen in 2024?

According to reports from Fabrizio Romano and Spain, Barcelona has chosen to bring back Real Betis’ Chadi Riad for the summer.


After Manuel Pellegrini’s team spends €3.5 million to acquire him permanently, the Catalans will pay €7 million to trigger his buy-back clause. His progress has pleased them, and they plan to incorporate him into the starting lineup.


However, this means that Barcelona will probably be moving away from the center defense. They have four excellent players who more than deserve to start at that position: Ronald Araujo, Andreas Christensen, Jules Kounde, and Inigo Martinez.


According to more information, Araujo and Inigo are not expected to leave Barcelona, albeit for quite different reasons. The former is one of the team’s four captains and is not replaceable by the coaches. The latter, on the other hand, is 32 and probably won’t get many offers.


As a result, Kounde and Christensen will compete for the center back, who is anticipated to be sold in the summer. And even though it might be both, it raises the question of whom, if any, Barcelona should let go.


In support of Christensen

Throughout his career, Christensen has been one of the world’s most underappreciated defenders; however, this has changed after he joined Barcelona. The player appears to be almost twice the player he was before, and his performances have clearly improved. The Dane, who joined Barça on a free transfer, has proven to be a dependable player time and time again. He makes passes almost perfectly, wins aerial duels, and is athletic enough to handle transitions.


During Christensen’s 22 games last season, the blaugranes managed eight clean sheets. Even though he has only played in two of the team’s 14 games this season, the 27-year-old has been the most reliable defender for the team despite battling injuries.


An argument in favor of Kounde

Jules Kounde spent the majority of the previous campaign playing right defense, but he asked Xavi to start him at center back the following year.  His wish came true, and the player was playing brilliantly in that role until getting hurt in a 2-2 draw with Granada.


After his return, the Frenchman appeared to be a shadow of the player he once was, and he has since given inconsistent performances. Additionally, he appeared to have lost his starting spot to Inigo, who exuded far more confidence.


Based solely on performance, Christensen would prevail over Kounde. But it goes farther than that.


First of all, Barcelona had to pay more than €60 million for the former Sevilla player. Even at €70–80 million, selling him would only result in a negligible financial gain.

Second, Barcelona may find more value in Kounde’s profile. Even though Xavi dislikes playing right back, he needs more options than just Joao Cancelo and Sergi Roberto.


Final judgment

Barcelona would ideally be able to hold onto Christensen and Kounde. Regretfully, come summertime, one of them will unfortunately be heading for the exit door due to the needs of the club. particularly if Riad is signed.


It’s the one position where they can trade in some players to give the other players more depth without sacrificing too much quality.

It’s the one position where they can trade in some players to give the other players more depth without sacrificing too much quality.


And even though in the one and a half seasons that they have played together, Christensen has shown that he is a superior player, it makes more sense for Barcelona to back Kounde.


In comparison to the Dane, he is younger, more adaptable, and, given their different careers, a more readily available player. Not to add, the Premier League is already interested in him, and he desires a bigger part in a team.


For Christensen, Barcelona could easily fetch up to €50–55 million, which should be sufficient to make room in the salary budget for a few of signings, with careful planning.

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