Lewandowski displays a hard training session before playing again for Barcelona.

The striker hasn’t put in much effort.


Robert Lewandowski, a striker for Barcelona, may have taken a few days off over the holidays, but he didn’t stop working hard.


The international player from Poland shared a video on Instagram Stories demonstrating his rigorous training regimen.


Lewandowski can be seen in the video using a treadmill while donning a mask that looks futuristic. In actuality, the apparatus replicates the effects of training at altitude.

PICTURE: https://twitter.com/ItoKdcL4bF

Dec. 27, 2023, FCB World (@forcabarca_ar)
Fans with keen eyes will also notice that Lewandowski is exercising to “The Eye of the Tiger”—possibly a reference to Vitor Roque? Nicknamed Tigrinho, the Brazilian showed up at Barcelona on Wednesday to join Xavi’s squad.

Vitor Roque will give Xavi an additional attacking option and increase competition for spots. Since joining from Bayern, Lewandowski has always been a sure starter, but his play hasn’t been great lately, and Xavi criticized him during the team’s match against Almeria.

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