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Euro 2024: Pep Guardiola’s Influence Looms Large Despite Absence


Though Manchester City and Pep Guardiola aren’t present at Euro 2024, their impact is unmistakable in the group stages.


Only two rounds into the European Championship, the influence of club football on international play is evident. Narratives have emerged quickly, with comparisons to Manchester City frequently mentioned. Wayne Rooney, for instance, used City as a benchmark for England—though he noted the team lacked the qualities that make Guardiola’s side Premier League champions.


It didn’t take long for critics to suggest that City’s players struggle without Guardiola’s guidance. Phil Foden faced criticism after England’s first game, Kevin De Bruyne and Jeremy Doku couldn’t prevent Belgium’s loss to Slovakia, and Bernardo Silva and Ruben Dias were part of a sluggish Portugal side that barely overcame Czechia. The implication? City’s stars falter without their renowned manager.


Indeed, City seems to be the ideal environment for their specific talents to flourish. Few players who left the first team during the Guardiola era have achieved greater success elsewhere. It makes sense that they might find it challenging to replicate their club form on international stages without similar support.


However, City’s players are not using this as an excuse. De Bruyne and Silva both earned man-of-the-match awards after scoring against Romania and Turkey, respectively. Manu Akanji also received the accolade for his performance in Switzerland’s draw with Scotland.

City fans are accustomed to the cyclical narrative around their team. Critics often pounce when City starts slow or hits a rough patch, claiming the team is only held together by Guardiola. Yet, when City inevitably goes on a winning streak, those same critics dismiss Guardiola as merely a manager with the best players due to unrivaled spending—despite evidence to the contrary.


Guardiola and his squad aren’t competing in Euro 2024, but their presence is felt. Discussions about the importance of big No. 9s have overlooked Erling Haaland, while City’s social media highlighted their record of long-range goals, countering the narrative that Guardiola’s tactics stifle such shots.


Despite claims of indifference toward City, the influence of their players and Guardiola is a recurring theme of Euro 2024. As the tournament progresses, this connection will likely continue to be a focal point.

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