“Man City’s Manu Akanji Seeks Redemption After ‘Let My Country Down’ England Heartbreak!”

From Hero to Heartbreak: How City Will Help Akanji Recover After Euro Penalty Miss

Spare a thought for Manu Akanji. The Manchester City defender went from standout performer to symbol of Switzerland’s heartbreak in a flash. His missed penalty against England sent them crashing out of Euro 2024, and the cameras captured the raw emotions of a player who felt he’d let his team, his country, and even himself down.

But Akanji isn’t alone. Manchester City has a well-oiled machine in place to help players navigate the emotional rollercoaster of international tournaments, whether it’s the ecstasy of victory or the crushing lows of defeat. Psychologist David Young will be on hand to ensure Akanji receives the support he needs to bounce back.

History shows how crucial this support can be. Just look at Fernandinho’s slump after Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany in 2014. Even the strongest mentalities can be shaken by such experiences.

Thankfully, Akanji already has some strong words of encouragement in his corner. The Swiss coach, Murat Yakin, offered his full backing, praising Akanji’s leadership and performance throughout the tournament. “He doesn’t need to be bothered anymore,” Yakin declared. “These moments are part of the business. He doesn’t need to carry the weight of the missed penalty.”

This echoes Pep Guardiola’s response to Bernardo Silva’s missed penalty in City’s Champions League defeat earlier this year. Guardiola recognized Bernardo’s overall contribution and unwavering spirit.

With time off, support from his club and country, and the City’s established psychological support system, Akanji has all the tools he needs to overcome this setback. He’ll return to Manchester for pre-season training ready to refocus and write a new chapter with City. The missed penalty may sting now, but Akanji’s story at the Etihad is far from over.

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