Jurrien Timber talks about adjusting to his new surroundings, Mikel Arteta, and Arsenal’s hopes for the Premier League.

Jurrien Timber talks about adjusting to his new surroundings, Mikel Arteta, and Arsenal’s hopes for the Premier League.

One Arsenal supporter in the Netherlands was heartbroken as the Premier League title race faded at the end of the previous season. Later that summer, they would acquire him as their new £38 million defensive acquisition.

The fan in question, Jurrien Timber, who is now sporting the Arsenal badge on his chest, admits, “It was painful.”. “Manchester City was so difficult to beat, and you could see them getting better and better.

“You saw those two games against Man City where they dropped those six points. The difficulty of recovering from that was ultimately great. However, it was entertaining to observe. “.

There is some truth to Timber’s claims that he has been a loyal and perhaps even long-suffering supporter of Arsenal.

Ajax shared a video of a young Timber declaring that he would eventually play for the Gunners because it is a team he has always admired last month, after his move to north London was finalized.

When asked about that video, he recalls, “It was just a feeling and a dream – I always wanted to play for Arsenal.”.

I typically don’t talk about the teams I’d like to play for. But I said it because Arsenal was my favorite team.

“This summer, I didn’t have a difficult time making a decision. “.

To assist Arsenal in taking the next step, Timber has now been added. The same number William Saliba wore last season is on the Dutch defender’s shirt as he sits in the Arsenal practice field.

Arsenal improved to second place as a result of the Frenchman’s addition to the team. Could Timber be the one to move them up to first place?

Saliba lacks Timber’s league championship, which Timber does have. Actually, there were two from his time at Ajax.

Even though it’s not a requirement in this day and age, having experience is unquestionably beneficial. Consider how Arsenal’s young team faltered last season.

Timber responds when asked what kind of abilities are necessary to cross the line, “It’s hard to say.”. The Eredivisie and Premier League are distinct.

We used to always say in the Dutch league that if you defeat the smaller teams, you will be crowned champions. You hardly ever find small teams in the Premier League.

You cannot lose many points. You need to be somewhat fortunate but consistent in what you do and what makes you good in order to be a champion. “.

Timber claims that luck is necessary, and he referred to Arsenal’s victory over Manchester City in the Community Shield on penalties as being “happy and lucky.” This outcome, on paper, is very encouraging for Arsenal’s preseason hopes. However, it’s not that easy.

We still have our own objectives, so it makes absolutely no difference to us, says Timber. “We want to demonstrate our abilities not only in the Premier League but also in other competitions.

“It’s good for the locker room [winning at Wembley]. Last year, they [Arsenal] demonstrated that they are a serious team with good players and a good squad.

They competed for the championship, and considering the number of players they purchased, I believe this year’s expectations are even higher. “.

Timber is one of those players, but many did not expect him to start the game as an inverted left-back.

Although Timber has spent almost his entire senior career as a central defender, Arsenal told the media that he was being signed as a right-back. Since his reserve team days with Ajax, which were almost five years ago, he hadn’t played left-back, much less an inverted one like Oleksandr Zinchenko’s position last season.

However, after an outstanding 76 minutes at Wembley, Arsenal supporters chose Timber, who played on the left flank, as the game’s player of the match.

Which position is his best, the young defender chuckles. He laughs, “I don’t want to say because I don’t want the coach to know it. To be completely honest, I don’t care where the coach decides to place me as long as I can play. I promise to give it my all and do my best. “.

But Timber’s performance on Sunday solidified his status as the ideal Arteta player: a young player who can play multiple positions on the field.

The manager of the Arsenal made him a top priority signing as a result, starting his summer pitch to the defender in late May. Timber reveals that during those conversations, Arteta emphasized the family atmosphere, which included ‘Win,’ the training facility chocolate labrador.

The young defender has had to act quickly ever since joining Arteta’s team, and Sunday’s performance at Wembley suggests that it is already paying off.

Timber praises his new manager, stating that it’s “the way he thinks, the way he makes you better.”. You have to learn a lot in a short period of time, and even though I only had him for a few weeks, I noticed it in myself right away.

“I’ve been trying to look at the game the same way he does because that’s how he sees it. I’m attempting to play the game in a way that he sees the bigger picture.

“Let’s wait a few months and years to see what it offers. “.

Get updates on the opening weekend of the 2023–24 Premier League season, watch Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest live on Sky Sports. Kickoff is at 12:30 PM.


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