The meanings behind Lionel Messi’s tattoos have been revealed; they include his wife Antonela’s eye on his bicep, his son Thiago’s hand on his leg, and Jesus Christ on his shoulder. All of these tattoos are on the Inter Miami star.

The meanings behind Lionel Messi’s tattoos have been revealed; they include his wife Antonela’s eye on his bicep, his son Thiago’s hand on his leg, and Jesus Christ on his shoulder. All of these tattoos are on the Inter Miami star.

Lionel Messi has numerous tattoos, including a sleeve on his right arm and left leg. The Argentine has body art honoring his family, religious beliefs, and more.

During his first few matches for Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has captured the attention of the American soccer public, if he didn’t already have it.

The Argentine sensation has made MLS a hot topic and stirred up trouble in Fort Lauderdale.

Additionally, it involves a long list of famous people, including DJ Khaled, LeBron James, Kim Kardashian, and Diddy, not just the general public.

While Messi’s work on the field may be considered art in some ways, the genius himself is covered in a variety of works of art.

What you’ve always wanted to know is here, thanks to Mail Sport: What tattoos does the Magic Messi have, and what do they mean?


Where better to begin with what is reportedly Messi’s first tattoo?

Messi can be seen in this 2011 photo sporting a tattoo of his mother, Celia Maria Cuccittini, on his left shoulder.


Messi got a tattoo of his eldest son Thiago’s hands, followed by a love heart with his name engraved inside it, continuing the family-related theme.

On November 2, 2012, Thiago was born, prompting his father to write on Facebook: “Today I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift! Thanks to my family for the support! A hug to everyone.”.

As a 10-year-old who recently joined Inter Miami, Thiago demonstrated his soccer prowess by outplaying his well-known father.


The woman who has become his wife, Antontela Roccuzzo, is without a doubt the apple of Messi’s eye.

Therefore, it makes sense that the former Barcelona resident would have a tattoo of her eye on his right bicep.

A story as well-known as the Grand Canyon, Messi and Roccuzzo got together after Roccuzzo moved to Catalonia to join FC Barcelona and when they were both playing for Newell’s Old Boys. .


THE NO. 10 .

It’s not surprising to see that Messi’s nimble left foot had room for the Argentinean’s first love.

Messi’s favorite left leg is holding a soccer ball, and next to it are four birthdates: his, Antonela’s, then those of his three kids, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.

Messi decided to ink them on the ankle and lower part of his right leg as well, as if one leg wasn’t enough.

Keeping with Messi’s deadly left, the No. 10. However, this wasn’t his first song in Barcelona.

He started out in No. Before putting on the No. 30, in 2004. 19 shirt. He finally wore the jersey that he had helped the Catalan club make famous in the 2008–09 campaign.


Messi had this blue-tinged rendition with what appears to be a cross before getting the tattoo mentioned earlier.

Naturally, Messi blanked it out, scoring the No. Only discernible from this original artwork, number 10.


Although Messi has a sleeve of tattoos down his right arm, the one that really stands out is on his shoulder. .

The image shows Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns, which is a potent and revered symbol among Christians. .

As a practicing Catholic, Messi frequently thanked God for helping Argentina defeat France in the World Cup.

In response to his victory in Qatar, he told TYC Sports, “I just said that God was going to give it to me.”. “I was certain that this was the time; I just had a feeling.”.


Aside from the representation of Christ, Messi also has several other intriguing works of art up his sleeve, such as three flowers and several clocks, which might be interpreted as a reference to the value of time.

Naturally, Messi has not addressed whether or not this is true.


This next tattoo is likely to be prominently displayed among keen observers of Messi’s upcoming matches.

When Messi extends his arms, frequently after scoring, the crown tattoo at the base of his right bicep is most visibly visible. .

According to some reports, it is a tribute to Antonela, who has a comparable tattoo in the same location on her right arm.


Even though it can’t be seen clearly in this image, Messi’s lower abs on the left side show lips, as if he had been given a red-lipstick kiss there.

It’s possible that they did at one time. Whatever the case, numerous reports imply that it is yet another homage to his beautiful wife.

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