Newcastle kickoff time complaints prompt Pep Guardiola’s fervent appeal to Man City supporters

Newcastle kickoff time complaints prompt Pep Guardiola’s fervent appeal to Man City supporters

As he turned his attention away from the scheduling of City’s Premier League match with Newcastle, Pep Guardiola said that Manchester City needed their supporters to help them over the finish line this weekend.

On Thursday morning in Greece, City defeated Sevilla in the Super Cup. On Saturday at 8 p.m., City will take on Newcastle. In his post-game press conference this week, Guardiola sarcastically thanked the Premier League for not allowing them to play on Sunday or Monday.

The game, which was chosen by TNT Sports, which usually hosts the Saturday lunchtime slot, was moved to 8 p.m. on Saturday in order to avoid competing with Sky Sports’ Sunday or Monday programming.Guardiola also asserts that City will handle the situation, but they will need the support of their fans when they visit the Etihad Stadium for the first time since winning the FA Cup, Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup.

Naturally, we are prepared. Indeed,” he replied. These kinds of difficulties are necessary. Everyone wants to defeat us, but we require these challenges for a variety of factors, including numerous significant injuries and the schedule’s requirement for playing with little recovery time. Trying to see if we can move forward is a challenge once more.

“If you want to win, you need that, but it’s never simple. The team’s effort to try again in less than ideal circumstances is a positive development. Football problems are a given, but how you handle them determines whether your team is strong or weak. In this season, we need our people more than ever.

“Given what we’ve done, we can’t just be at the Etihad celebrating our success.
We will need them on Monday.
It’s a good time at eight o’clock.
after the game, before drinking the beer.
From the very first second until the very last against an exceptional team, we need the supporters. They are still successful, and they have perfect players who play perfectly. Where we don’t make it, hopefully the locals will assist us in obtaining it.

“We require a full Etihad Stadium tomorrow. Please stick with us; we’re not at our best right now.
When things are bad, remain there.
They must stand by us.
Since the FA Cup final against [Manchester] United and the Champions League final against Inter Milan, we haven’t all been together. In opposition to Sevilla. We should be able to have a party while the game is going on.

“I’m certain we need to approach [this season] differently.
I’m unsure right now.
There is the spirit. They are doing well in their training. They are ecstatic, and I know it. The four trophies will always be there when we enter the training facility. Wow, how lovely and challenging is that? We love it.

“We now have a huge problem. especially for this game, but generally speaking. In my position, every manager would say the same thing. We left Greece at 4 a.m., arrived here late, and are unable to train today because everyone is in the pool or getting massages. We wish we had another day.

“All right, we concede that this is the difficulty. Because we can overcome these situations in the winter, that is why we prevailed. Between games on Boxing Day, we always had less time to rest. Newcastle is a physical team, so we need to be careful. The dominant teams are those who fit this description. This is not the point when everything is comfortable. This cannot occur when we play in Newcastle because we are at home. I want to hear a lot of noise coming from our group at home. They are more important than ever. “.

Eddie Howe, the manager of Newcastle, dissented from Guardiola’s assertion that his team has an advantage this weekend because it is a Saturday game.

I’ve faced this challenge before, he said. There is no benefit to me. I have experienced both sides. We have played many games in a short amount of time, which makes you wonder if that might be a weakness for us, but we have still managed to win games in that circumstance.

It will simply depend on how we perform on the day and how they perform on the day as we have also lost games in that circumstance. I can appreciate his perspective, but I don’t believe it will affect the outcome. “.

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