Arsenal Boss: At Palace, the Gunners won with ten men in a tough victory.

Arsenal Boss: At Palace, the Gunners won with ten men in a tough victory.

After the resilient Gunners make it two victories in a row despite the contentious Tomiyasu decision, Arteta declares that we now have to play by the clock.

As Arsenal defeated Crystal Palace 1-0 on Monday night, Declan Rice stood out.

Arsenal defeats Palace with 10 men.

Following his team’s tenacious 1-0 win over Crystal Palace on Monday night, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has made a statement.

Martin Odegaard’s well-taken penalty gave the tenacious Gunners a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace despite Takehiro Tomiyasu’s harsh dismissal in the second half.

Here is everything he said in response to the game.

Regarding the triumph:.

I adored it, adored it completely. It’s a very challenging place from which to arrive. We dominated the game, created plenty of chances, and played the way we wanted to play 11 against 11. We missed two absolutely massive chances that we would normally convert, but we never gave up. We carried on in the manner that we desired. Eddie gave us the green light to proceed with his action, we converted the penalty, and we then had to play with 10 men for 30 minutes, which is obviously a situation for which we were not prepared.

We had to adjust, and I think the players did a fantastic job because, in my opinion, we didn’t divulge anything. I’m really happy because the substitutions were excellent in terms of how they entered the game, their focus, how they helped the team, and how they frequently altered the team’s momentum. .

On the second yellow card for Tomiyasu:.

Because it is so obvious to me, I prefer not to comment.

Regarding Gabriel’s failure to start, and whether rumors are to blame:.

Nothing at all, it’s about the games we were expecting, how we were going to defend and attack, and what I think is the best thing. He participated in both contests and contributed in different ways to our victories in each. He was excellent today and will likely play in many more games. He completely controlled the box when he entered the game. Sometimes, that is the choice.

Regarding the time-wasting guidelines:.

It is not a problem for me. The only thing we are requesting is consistency because the referee made the call, they are consistent with that, and they gave an explanation. In the absence of that, we must experiment with a stopwatch to determine what it is and what it is not.

Regarding Declan Rice’s performance:.

The best, in my opinion. He controlled the midfield and won the game. He had a lot of attacking and defending sway. Due to what we knew about Palace and what we needed today, he played a different position than he did last week, and I thought he did a great job. .

Whether VAR reviews of red cards are consistent:.

I have no idea. We won’t change the decision now that it has been made. We made adjustments, but it obviously made the game more difficult and, in this league, playing 30 minutes away from home usually results in a loss of points. It is unusual for people to survive in the manner that we did, but we are incredibly grateful that we got through that difficult obstacle. .

Whether Martin Odegaard is the new penalty taker is a matter of debate.

I have no idea; it’s about player leadership, and as long as they thought it was the right move, I’m good. On the field, they must make those choices. Along with everyone else, I was taken aback, but he scored the crucial goal, and we went on to win the match.

On the possibility of bringing in large, powerful players:.

A squad needs to have that when you build it in order to succeed, triumph, and consistently be the best. We are trying to achieve that, which calls for a different profile, and we are able to be very physically demanding when necessary. .

Regarding whether we have yet to achieve the level he desires this season:.

No, because given our current level of dominance in games, we need to score more goals. But since that is the most challenging aspect of football, if you don’t do that, you must do the other part, which is to be very solid. With the chances we gave up, we were last week and we are again today. Continue to improve and develop your game.

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