Gary Neville, a former Premier League defender, disagrees with Mikel Arteta’s choice towards Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya compete for the No. 1 position at Arsenal.

Last season, Aaron Ramsdale was Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper, but David Raya has since joined the team to give the England international competition.

Regarding the competition be the Arsenal’s No. 1. Neville declared: “I don’t like goalkeeper competition. I feel you require a resounding “No.1″. And a definite Yes followed by No.2”.

Raya, who was Brentford’s go-to goalie, has signed a temporary loan deal with Arsenal.

To be clear, Arteta chose Ramsdale to play for his team’s 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace on Monday, so he currently appears to be Arsenal’s backup goalkeeper.

Headache that wasn’t necessary.

Later on, when they are not playing, you could easily imagine Ramsdale or Raya getting upset.

Since both players are goalkeepers at the Premier League level, it should be challenging for Arteta to persuade one of the pair to sit out the game.

If this experiment continued for more than a year, it would be unexpected. Though it was clear that Arteta wanted two solid shot-stoppers, you can assume that the majority of managers would not pass up the chance to bolster their team.

Raya is an excellent player, so of course he does that. But if he stays Arsenal’s No. 1, how much will the 27-year-old actually gain from this move? if 2, not much.

However, the season is quite long. The England international demonstrated last season that he is way too good to be sitting on anyone’s bench, but still has time to take Ramsdale’s spot, which then raises the question, what happens to him? It will be interesting to see how everything turns out.

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