Gary Neville take on Takehiro Tomiyasu’s dismissal from last night’s match.

Gary Neville take on Takehiro Tomiyasu’s dismissal from last night’s match.

According to Gary Neville, the dismissal of Takehiro Tomiyasu, an Arsenal defender, for his first yellow card in the midst of the Gunners’ time-wasting strategies, “will have a bigger impact on time wasting for players than adding 15 minutes on.”

  • Takehiro Tomiyasu was given a time-wasting penalty and eventually received a red card.
  • Gary Neville thinks that his firing will significantly increase the amount of time wasted.

Gary Neville thinks that rather than simply adding more stoppage time, Takehiro Tomiyasu’s dismissal during Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace will have “big” repercussions on players’ use of the clock in the Premier League.

On Monday night at Selhurst Park, Mikel Arteta’s team triumphed after a valiant effort. Martin Odegaard’s second-half penalty goal gave the Gunners their second victory of the ne8w Premier League season.

However, they had to work hard for the victory because Tomiyasu received two yellow cards in the second half, each coming within seven minutes, and the north London team was reduced to ten men as a result.When the 24-year-old took too long to take a throw-in and was flagged for time wasting shortly after Arsenal scored, the first booking sparked a debate between the Sky pundits on Monday Night Football in the studio.

Referees are being urged to crack down on players who take breaks from the game, and this weekend, officials added upwards of 10 minutes to some games in the English leagues in an effort to increase stoppage time.

Speaking about the card, the former Manchester United defender thinks that the prospect of receiving a warning or being ejected may serve as a more effective deterrent to time-wasting than simply extending the game’s end.

In regards to the first yellow, Neville said, “What I would say is that I went to see Howard Webb a couple of weeks ago and we said the existing laws within the game cater to be able to stop time wasting and that’s called a yellow card and would lead to a red card.”.

‘I believe that this one [Tomiyasu’s second yellow] will always be a yellow card if players are starting to be dismissed.

However, if there are defenders or other players on the field who are idly passing the time, you will be issued a booking.

This dismissal will have a greater effect on players’ time-wasting tonight than will the addition of 15 minutes at the end. ‘ .

After what appeared to be a collision between Tomiyasu and Jordan Ayew in the 67th minute, referee David Coote issued the Arsenal full-back his second caution of the game and a warning.

After the game, Jamie Carragher concurred that he too felt bad for the Japan international in the studio, echoing Alan Smith’s comments on commentary that the decision was “very harsh.”.

He emphasized how Coote had specifically warned Thomas Partey to stop dragging out the game in the lead-up to Tomiyasu’s first yellow card.

The full-back received the ball that Kai Havertz had picked up to receive the throw-in after giving it to him after giving it to him after giving it to him for a few seconds.

Carragher said to Sky Sports, “The rule is there, and we know what it is.

“I said I felt a little bad for Tomiyasu because he did the right thing for the team. It was almost Partey then Havertz; they almost had to give someone a yellow card for the team’s time-wasting.

He understood. When a man is executed [referring to Arteta], you almost feel as though it was an injustice; it’s like having a siege mentality. But deciding to send him away was the right move.

The pull back when you have a yellow card was the first one he chose. He had to go for that, I suppose. Given that it wasn’t a particularly strong pull, it seemed a little soft, but once you receive a yellow card, you must be sent off. You can’t really say the referee messed up by pointing the finger at him, in my opinion.

Arteta said in response to the card: “The new rules is one thing. I’m not sure where the new regulations are. That is significantly different. But we’ll adjust. We achieved what we needed to win today in this situation. ‘.

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