Guardiola won’t be there forever, but Silva says Man City will adjust.

Despite the absence of manager Pep Guardiola, who will miss Manchester City’s Premier League games against Sheffield United and Fulham due to back surgery, midfielder Bernardo Silva is confident that the treble-winning team will adjust.

The Spanish assistant coach Juanma Lillo will take Guardiola’s place on the sidelines while the 52-year-old is recovering from the procedure in Barcelona.

“Little impact,” Silva, 29, said, “in the sense that while it would be good to have our coach alongside us, if we were to be without him for two or three months, then it might have a different type of impact.”.

“But for the final two games before the international break, some of the players have been playing for him for seven years, while others have played for a little less time. But we are completely aware of what he and the other employees are expecting from us.

“In order to prepare for these games, we will work in the same manner. They will undoubtedly communicate with one another, and we will make every effort to play similarly and prevail in these matches before our manager gets back. “.

Last season, City won its fifth league championship in six years while matching rival Manchester United’s treble. This season, City has the opportunity to set a record by winning a fourth consecutive championship. Lillo claimed that despite his success, Guardiola was always striving for more.

Everybody in his immediate vicinity benefits from that. We all work to get better, and we try to contribute and show up, said Lillo.

He always builds and generates ideas, so he doesn’t require much input.”

With six points from two games, Champions City are ranked fifth overall. On Saturday, they visit newly-promoted Sheffield United, and on Sept. 1, they host Fulham. 2.

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