How Pep Guardiola communicated with the Man City bench throughout the Sheffield United game.

Pep Guardiola led Manchester City to their 200th victory in the Premier League against Sheffield United, but he was not present when Juanma Lillo took over at Sheffield United.

On the sidelines watching Sheffield United take on Manchester City is Juanma Lillo.

Pep Guardiola, who underwent back surgery in Barcelona, was “totally present” at Bramall Lane for Manchester City’s Premier League victory over Sheffield United.

When Rodri scored a late goal to secure three points and give Guardiola his 200th Premier League victory, assistant Juanma Lillo took over.

The manager was in regular contact with the City bench on Sunday, according to Lillo, who had previously promised that Guardiola would be fully involved in the game’s planning and tactical approach while staying in touch throughout the entire 90 minutes.

Lillo insisted that, despite having a victory under his belt, he has not particularly enjoyed being in charge over the past week and is eagerly anticipating Guardiola’s return following the international break.

Lillo said, “During the match, I spoke to him in a few spots, but generally it was other backroom staff members. He has, however, been fully present. Pep’s seat is Pep’s seat, so I had to take it since there wasn’t enough room on the bench for both of us.

The only thing missing was the figure of Guardiola, who was present the entire time; otherwise, it was as if he were present today. “.

When asked if he was enjoying the promotion without Guardiola, Lillo responded right away, “No, not at all. I much rather hang out with Pep. especially when it concerns one’s health.

I absolutely do not like this. We don’t need Pep’s absence—in fact, we need his presence more than ever—because he makes the people by his side feel valued, both when I was here before and now. “.

Lillo also defended goal-scorer Haaland, saying that anyone could have missed a penalty in the first half. The coaching staff at City were impressed by the striker’s response.

With the way it was in the first half, “Today would’ve been difficult for any striker,” he said.

Naturally, there was the penalty situation, which is upsetting for everyone, not just Erling. If anything characterizes Erling, it’s not the goal or the other chances that were just wide; rather, it’s the mental fortitude to know that the opportunity will present itself eventually.

It’s hard to take this kid down, you know. Being a young player, it’s good that he encounters situations like this one, where he misses a penalty but then comes back to score a goal that is very important to his team. “.

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