‘Problems’: Ian Wright is concerned about two players, Michael Owen predicts Arsenal vs. Man United.

‘Problems’: Ian Wright is concerned about two players, Michael Owen predicts Arsenal vs. Man United.

With Ian Wright concerned about Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, Michael Owen is backing Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal to defeat Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United at the Emirates today.

The former Arsenal player believes that, in advance of this crucial Premier League matchup, his former team should exercise caution around the Manchester United duo.

Wright warned ‘we have to get it done early’ or he feels the duo can ’cause us problems’, as he told Premier League Productions (03/09/23 at 1:20 pm).
Last season, Marcus Rashford scored an incredible goal at Arsenal, so he has done it before.
Bruno Fernandes is now wearing the captain’s armband.

Regarding performances, both are coming off of dubious outings, but those in London have still gotten off to a stronger start.

To make matters worse, ten Hag recently witnessed his team disintegrate and lose badly at Tottenham, continuing their dismal road records against the elite teams.

During his discussion of today’s game with Wright, former England striker Owen brought up that point.

The away record of Manchester United against the top nine teams is shocking, according to Owen.
“I believe they missed point 27.
This year, they have already visited Tottenham and suffered a humiliating loss there.

“Given everything, you have to support Arsenal today. They are rising in a curve. Positive some excellent athletes.
They’ve had a great transfer window, which is the complete opposite of what Manchester United experienced. cleverly bringing. departed early and recruited top athletes.
Today’s favorites, in my opinion, are Arsenal.”.

When asked about where Arsenal and Manchester United stand, Wright retorted, “At the end of the day, it’s still Arsenal v. Manchester United.
Players who can harm us are still on their team. We are still searching for the answer at this point.
Rashford and Bruno require that you complete it quickly.
If we don’t do it correctly, they might cause us issues.”.

Last season, Arsenal was vying for the Premier League championship, but they made mistakes in the season’s final few weeks.

Man United, on the other hand, was outside, but now is their chance to advance and, at the very least, contend for the championship.

They aren’t currently indicating that they will challenge, but if they triumph at the Emirates, everything will change.

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