RECORDS: Arsenal vs. Manchester United; red cards, record fines, and scorching anger.

Unquestionably, that victory from 20 years ago gave Arsenal the confidence that they could go down in history.
Large-scale games thus influence seasons and fate.
It’s the reason Sunday is so significant.”.

It was the day that a long-simmering rivalry erupted.

This month marks 20 years since the infamous Battle of Old Trafford, a matchup between two of the greatest clubs in English football that still serves as the benchmark.

Since Arsene Wenger entered the Premier League in 1996 and began to pose a threat to Sir Alex Ferguson’s monopoly on the major trophies, Arsenal and Manchester United have been bumping into and pushing each other.

Yes, there had been a lot of animosity between United and Arsenal. back to George Graham’s era and the infamous 21-person brawl at Old Trafford in 1990.
February 1997’s abrasive altercation between Ian Wright and Peter Schmeichel.
Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane’s protracted dispute.

Then there was the verbal conflict between Fergie and Wenger.
Before Chelsea won it in 2005, United and Arsenal split the championship for nearly ten years from the middle to the end of the 1990s.

The day everything changed, however, was September 21, 2003.
When Arsenal plays United at the Emirates on Sunday, the fire and rage from that day will still be present because it elevated the rivalry to a whole new level.

It’s possible that there will be new captains, managers, and even supporters. But since that day has shaped the rivalry ever since, everyone has been told about it.

It was the day that Ruud van Nistelrooy missed a late penalty kick by slamming the ball against the crossbar in a match that ended in a scoreless draw.

Wild scenes were sparked by Van Nistelrooy’s missed penalty

Press Association.

Without that error, Arsenal would not have finished the season as the only team to win the Premier League title while going undefeated, and they would not have earned the title of Invincibles.Van Nistelrooy was detested to no end by the Arsenal players.
Yep, hated.
It transcended competitors and respect by a long shot.
As a result of Martin Keown, an Arsenal defender, calling him a “cheat,” they felt he had crossed a line.

Keown yelling in Van Nistelrooy’s face after the United striker missed the penalty is the image that best captures the utmost animosity between the two clubs at the time.

Keown was described as having a “gargoyle expression” on his face, as if he were a monster from Greek mythology, by the legendary chief football writer of the Guardian, David Lacey.

In 2003, Vieira received a red card at Old Trafford.

Lauren, Keown, Ray Parlour, and Vieira were all fined and given suspensions in addition to Vieira already receiving a red card, an Arsenal fine of a record-breaking £175,000 for failing to control its players, and a red card.

However, it was successful for Arsenal as well.
They felt more unstoppable as a result of it.
At the home field of their biggest rivals, despite being reduced to ten men and giving up a last-second penalty, they had not lost.

Former Arsenal captain Gilberto recalled an emotion that energized the locker room.
The fear in the opponents’ eyes was visible in the tunnel.
That was palpable. We had a winning attitude.
That was the deciding factor, and that matters a lot.”.

On to win the championship, Arsenal. Undoubtedly, that triumph from 20 years ago gave Arsenal the conviction that they could go down in history.
Large-scale events thus determine seasons and fate. Sunday is significant for this reason.

On October 22, 2004, United defeated Arsenal 2-0 at Old Trafford, snapping their 49-game winning streak that had carried them through the entire previous season.

That particular time, Van Nistelrooy scored the crucial opening goal after converting his penalty.
However, it wasn’t until after more controversies erupted when Arsenal claimed Wayne Rooney dove to win the penalty kick while Sol Campbell was tackling him.

Campbell later revealed to me: “It was a dive.
I didn’t shake his hand after the game if I left my foot there but moved it elsewhere, much like the matador with the red cape.”.

Van Nistelrooy actually started the Battle of the Buffet.
After the game, the Dutch striker went to the United dressing room to voice his displeasure with something Wenger had said.

Furious, Fergie barged into the Arsenal dressing room and ordered Wenger to focus on his own business. Arsenal players began throwing pizza at Ferguson as soon as it began.

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