Why VAR overturned Arsenal’s penalty against Manchester United.

Why VAR overturned Arsenal’s penalty against Manchester United.

VAR’s decision to reverse a penalty after Kai Havertz was brought down absolved Man United against Arsenal of any responsibility.

In opposition to Manchester, Kai Havertz falls to the ground.

Former Premier League official Mike Dean thinks that Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s slight contact with Kai Havertz is what caused VAR to reject Arsenal’s request for a penalty against Manchester United.

When Havertz broke through the defense, it appeared that the Reds and the Gunners would be facing a penalty kick.
In an attempt to stop the forward, Wan-Bissaka and Casemiro both stepped in.

Anthony Taylor indicated the penalty spot after some thought. Gary Neville immediately asserted that it would not be overturned.

I don’t think it will be overturned, he said, according to Sky Sports.
He receiving a review request surprises me.

“It is (Aaron) Wan-Bissaka’s) leg that comes into contact with Kai Havertz. From our vantage point, it appeared to be a penalty at first, but upon closer inspection, that appearance decreases.”.

When Taylor went to the monitor, he made a snap decision to reverse it. Dean, who was on the gantry in north London, remarked afterward, “If it was me on the field, I would give that.
Although there is hardly any contact, it appeared to be a penalty from our starting position, so I can understand why he might overturn it.

“When you examine it, there is minimal contact, but not enough for a penalty kick, in my opinion, which is why he has been asked to take another look at it.”.

At the time of the incident, United and Arsenal were tied at 1.
Marcus Rashford gave the Reds the lead in the opening period, but Martin Odegaard’s goal quickly pulled them back.

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