Declan Rice is in awe of the Arsenal player’s prowess, who earns £110,000 per week.

Declan Rice, an Arsenal midfielder, gushed about Jorginho, another Gunners teammate.

Declan Rice, who transferred from London rivals and Premier League opponents West Ham United to Arsenal during the summer transfer window, has said that he is in awe of Jorginho’s talent.

Jorginho, an Arsenal teammate, is praised by Declan Rice.

The midfielder for the England national team described Jorginho as a very good and intelligent player who always chooses the right pass and understands the best positions to take on the field.

Jorginho is very good in training, according to Rice, who can also play defense.
Rice says he tries to learn from him.

According to Football’s transcription of Rice’s Channel 4 interview with Jorginho.
London: “Playing with him every day in training and seeing how he is, because he’s not the biggest, is Jorginho.
He hasn’t surprised me much because I knew he was such a good player anyway.


I’ve been trying to pick up little things about his brain and how it functions as a holding midfielder.
He always knows when to pass and is in position.

He always finds time to care for himself.
He’s a great coach, and I’ve been trying to pick up a little bit of his style of play as well.”.

For Arsenal, Jorginho is a key player.

Jorginho is a very good and significant player for Arsenal, in our opinion.

The Italian star, who earns £110,000 a week (Spotrac), is technically gifted and has a ton of experience, but Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, cannot guarantee that he will start.

He has achieved success as well.

Jorginho won the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League with Chelsea and contributed to Italy’s victory in the Euro 2020 finals before moving from Chelsea to Arsenal in January 2023.

In the Premier League, the 31-year-old has so far appeared in 160 games.

In those games, the Italian midfielder scored 21 goals and provided six assists.

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