After a record-breaking season for Manchester City, Phil Foden predicts Erling Haaland.

After a record-breaking season for Manchester City, Phil Foden predicts Erling Haaland.

According to Phil Foden of Manchester City, Erling Haaland’s records from the 2022–23 season won’t be surpassed unless Haaland himself sets even higher standards.

The striker, who represents Norway at the international level, finished his debut campaign with the defending Premier League champions with an astounding total of 52 goals and nine assists across his 53 appearances for Manchester City across all competitions.

Pep Guardiola’s team won a historic treble in the span of a club-record three weeks thanks in large part to the former RB Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund frontman’s goal scoring total.

Phil Foden this week talked about the likelihood that such achievements will ever be matched or surpassed in the future.

Haaland’s Manchester City attacking teammates have been in awe of his contributions.

This week, in an exclusive interview with BBC Sport, Foden acknowledged that, barring the Norwegian’s own performance at comparable or higher levels, he does not think Erling Haaland’s goal-scoring feats of the 2022–23 season will ever be matched.

The Manchester City academy alumnus praised his teammate for being “the way he is.”.

I adore how ambitious he is and how young he still is.”.

And what he did last year, I don’t think we’ll ever see it again, to be honest, unless he breaks his own record, the speaker continued.

He has such high standards for himself, so if we can identify him there, we can be sure he will always be in the appropriate place.

“Playing with someone this talented is a pleasure because he has this instinct for goal,” said the player.”.

The 23-year-old versatile playmaker was also keen to emphasize Manchester City’s confidence going into matches this season, fresh off of their treble-winning campaign that also featured a third consecutive Premier League title success.

Without sounding too haughty, Foden said, “I think that’s how we have to enter games, knowing that we’re champions.

It’s more of a confidence issue; you want to enter a game with the conviction that you’re going to triumph.

“The players that we have, too – like Erling [Haaland], you can go into the game thinking he’s going to score every game.

For us attackers, having a player like that who relieves some of the pressure is just nice.”.

With six goals in his first six matches for the club, Erling Haaland has started the new season in a similar manner to how he performed throughout the previous one, winning a UEFA Super Cup trophy in the process.

The 23-year-old, who scored again this week while playing for Norway in European Championship qualifying, is back in Manchester for the upcoming Premier League match against West Ham United.

Maintaining their perfect record of victories to start the season is one of City’s main goals as they take on David Moyes’ team at the London Stadium.

The Hammers, who are currently fourth in the league table, will prove to be a tough test, though.

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