MIKEL ARTETA: Speaks candid words for every question asked.

Ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Everton, manager Mikel Arteta speaks candidly.

Mikel Arteta, the manager of the Arsenal, previews the Sunday Premier League matchup between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park.

Prior to Sunday’s match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been speaking.

Continue reading to learn everything he had to say:.

Regarding the players’ return from international duty and their weekend health…

all is well. They all trained today and returned in good shape, so they are all in good shape.

Regarding Thomas Partey’s physical condition…

He still has a few weeks to go.
He’s recovering nicely from a muscle injury, but it will still be a few weeks before he’s fully recovered.

Regarding Sunday availability elsewhere…

The remaining ones are on hand.

About Saka’s achilles pain…

He’s okay.
Nothing to report there because he trained normally today. Every player experiences aches or problems.
It’s nothing to worry about because that is typical in professional sports.

Regarding the agreement with Odegaard…

Our commander is he.
He is a significant contributor to our team, both now and in the future.
We’re overjoyed to have him and hope to keep him around for a while.
We get along really well with him and his agent, and I’m always optimistic.
When it is confirmed that we are really close to them, we will make an announcement.

On the upcoming weeks’ anticipated excitement, which includes the Champions League, Everton, and the North London Derby…

Obviously, I’m very excited about it.
First of all, we are only thinking of Everton.
Our track record speaks for itself, without a doubt.
We haven’t triumphed there in the previous six years, so we’ll have to work for it.
We are aware that beating them there will require all of our strength, something we haven’t been able to do, so that’s where we’ll start.

Regarding anticipating the Everton away game…

I obviously have a strong emotional connection to that football team because of how they treated me and the time I spent there.
I’m so appreciative for all of my incredible memories. It was a significant portion of my playing career, and now that I’m a coach, I have to compete against them, and of course, I want to win.

On making plans to win this game…

It just takes understanding the significance and what we lacked in those games to try to make it right and do it.
We’ve been here and, before I came, in grounds that for 17 years we hadn’t won.

Regarding the amount of work he’s been able to accomplish with returning foreigners…

For some players, today was also match day minus two, so managing that was something we were able to do for the first time today.
Just make sure that everyone is back in touch and understands what we do, how we want to do it, and how we play.
Don’t try to impart too much information on them, especially after a 10-day break.

Regarding Everton’s most recent a few years…

The competition is the current challenge facing everyone, and that is the history of football clubs. The project they are working on with the new stadium and everything else is very exciting as well, but, like everyone else, there are challenges.
How you deal with them to improve is what matters.

On how quickly Declan Rice has adapted and turned into a favorite among the public.

Yes, it goes without saying that you always hope the transition will go quickly and smoothly. But occasionally, reality is very different.
I believe it has been very beneficial in this instance. I believe he is doing well.
Things are going well for him, and I believe he has a good understanding of the team and our fast-paced style of play.

Regarding CEO Vinai Venkatesham’s resignation in the summer of 2019…

In my opinion, he has a right to make that decision because he has been here for 14 years.
It’s a decision he’s made.
In his opinion, it is best for him, his family, and his future. I had a great working relationship with him, as far as I can tell.
I like it.
First and foremost, he is a person I value who has played a crucial role in our work, and I want to wish him the best.
But I believe he still has a ton of work to do until the end of the season.

On how much the team will be tested by playing in the Champions League…

So, everything is exactly the same as it was last year.
It was the Europa League, so we played every three days.
Consequently, the competition is different.
Given that we’ve been away for seven years, it is obvious that the requirements of that competition and the expectations are different. But it’s a thrill.
We want to be in this position.
I believe that everyone is eagerly anticipating it when they consider the schedule and the games that we have to play.

As Pepe departed the club…

Players must be feeling sad at this time.
not just for him but also for Rob [Holding], all of our departing players, and the loaned players.
You feel a connection to them on a deep level.
The best performance from them has been your goal.
However, there are times when a player’s performance is more dependent on how well he or she plays in his or her position than on how strong the player is at that particular moment. There are numerous factors.
But we do want to send our best wishes to everyone and hope that they can find another place to realize their dreams.

Regarding whether there is more pressure now that the squad consists primarily of his hand-picked hires…

The pressure won’t be any greater, in my opinion, than what we internalize every single day.
Regardless, you chose to coach them when you had the players you did.
They’re not my players, as you well know. They are club members, and as with any sport in the world, as you stay here for more years, the team and squad will develop.

Whether or not we can compete physically with Everton…

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a battle.
They play in a very obvious way, and there are specific situations where you have to do this.
Simply put, they excel at that.
We have a very distinctive style.
It’s important to make sure that your strengths are constantly on display and your opponent’s are completely hidden when you’re trying to impose your style of play and tactics.
This will allow you to maximize the potential of your plays.
That’s what I anticipate both coaches and both teams will try to accomplish on Sunday.

Regarding what can be gleaned from Pepe’s signing…

I’m unsure. I didn’t take part in the negotiations for that deal.
He’s a fantastic boy, that much I can say about him personally.
Effortlessly, he tried.
The sum of money we at the time paid was not his fault, and that is all.
You must move on when something isn’t working out.
Since that decision has been made, I believe it is in the best interests of all parties.
There is no point in trying if something is not working.

Regarding Pepe’s early termination of his employment…

Each case has been very unique, and in the end, only a small number of parties can reach an agreement.
The choice is not one I make on my own.

Regarding selecting the leadership team…

We haven’t officially or publicly announced our choice.
In this squad, there are numerous leaders. So what I’m really interested in is about empowering the qualities that they have as as human beings and making sure that the leaders come out.
We therefore don’t really limit anyone because we currently have a large number of people who are able to do so.

On who would be two and three in that lineup behind Martin…

When we play, you will observe.
We are available 24/7

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