Mikel Arteta exposes a weaknesses that Arsenal found.

Mikel Arteta exposes a weaknesses that Arsenal found.

Mikel Arteta claims on behalf of the Everton supporters and exposes a vulnerability that Arsenal found.

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, explains how his team defeated Everton by a score of 1-0.

In his first victory at Goodison Park as an opposition manager, Mikel Arteta of Arsenal was thrilled with how he thought his team was able to contain the influence of the Everton crowd.

Prior to moving to the Emirates Stadium in 2011, the Gunners’ manager played in the midfield for six and a half seasons for the Blues, so he is well aware of the power that Everton’s home supporters possess when they can generate a significant amount of energy.

I really know this group of people, Arteta said. You could feel it; when the game changes and the momentum shifts, they have moments where they lift, and you should try to avoid playing that game at all costs.

“When they get that and the roller-coaster, they’re a really, really good team, and it’s really difficult to get out of that, but I think we dealt with that really well.”.

The 41-year-old continued, “I’m really, really happy with the performance, and I’m really, really happy with the way we played.

I couldn’t do that even though I was there for six years.

“How we approached every task that needed to be completed—and I saw that on the pitch—was the challenge and opportunity that lay before us.

This is a huge compliment to the players because it’s not at all easy to do that.

We controlled the game from beginning to end, we created lots of chances, and we gave nothing away.”.

Leandro Trossard, a substitute, scored the game’s lone goal after Everton failed to sufficiently clear its lines following an Arsenal short corner, and Arteta acknowledged that his team had identified the issue.

We’re working on everything, he declared. Every manager tries to hide their weaknesses while exposing the weaknesses of their opponents when getting ready for a game.

“That was the result of what we tried to do, and the outcome takes care of itself, but we found openings in many other ways, and we were neat enough in the final pass, final action, and final finish to do it.

Credit to them, they defend the box incredibly well, but today’s game should have likely ended very differently had Gabriel Martinelli’s goal been allowed to stand.”.

Aside from saying, “That’s a yellow card!” when it took 26 seconds to take the corner that led to Arsenal’s goal, Arteta also said, “Obviously we prepare every situation in a way that we have to keep for ourselves, we don’t nothing to our opponents.

We try to practice set-pieces, and since we produce so many of them, it’s important for us as well. We spend a lot of time in the final third, where we need to excel because doing so is a way for many clubs to win games.”.

Jordan Pickford and Aaron Ramsdale, both of England’s national teams, were expected to face off in the game as the goalkeepers, but Arteta substituted David Raya for his first start in the position and declared he might not stop at just switching between the two but rather alter the position during matches, a radical move he now regrets not having tried earlier.

We’re here to perform at the highest level and to contribute as much as we can to the games, he said, adding that neither he nor I were guaranteed a spot.

Nobody is exempt from it.

Nobody will be bigger than that because we set those standards for ourselves.

“Eddie (Nketiah) was chosen over Gabriel Jesus for the same reasons that Fabio (Vieira) was brought in for Ramsdale. Gabriel Jesus has more trophies than anyone else in that locker room, including me, so I’ve never been asked why he didn’t start.

“This is not how things have always been done, but I can’t have two players in this position and not use them.

Aaron and David both possess amazing qualities, but we must put them to use.”.

As a relatively new manager with only three and a half years under my belt, Arteta continued, “I have a few regrets, but one of them is that on two occasions, after 60 and 85 minutes, I felt like changing the goalkeeper right then and there, but I didn’t.

I could have removed a winger, a striker, or added an extra center back to hold a result, but I lacked the courage to do so.

I was so upset that we drew those games. Someone will do it; perhaps they’ll think, “Ugh, that’s odd, why?”.

Explain why not, please.

“Change the momentum now; you have everything it takes in another goalkeeper,” said the coach.

My message is that everyone must participate regardless of the competition if we want to get everyone involved in the team.”.

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