The competition for spots in the Arsenal team is “huge,” according to Martin Odegaard.

The competition for spots in the Arsenal team is “huge,” according to Martin Odegaard.

Martin Odegaard, the captain of Arsenal, thinks that the club must thrive in the face of fierce competition for positions.

The 1-0 victory at Goodison Park extended the Gunners’ unbeaten streak to five games.

David Raya, who joined on loan from Brentford and has a £27 million buyout option, made his debut.

In light of this, England international Aaron Ramsdale’s status as the team’s undisputed starter is likely to come under scrutiny over the next few weeks.

However, Odegaard said that this idea should hold true for the entire group.

It was clear that when Leandro Trossard replaced the injured Gabriel Martinelli and scored the lone goal in the second half, but the position of goalkeeper is still going to be the main topic of discussion.

“I believe it demonstrated the current squad’s depth.

The players on the bench can enter the game and alter it if necessary because we have so many high-caliber players, according to the international player from Norway.

“The competition for spots is fierce, and I believe that is great for us and greatly aids.

“You see the quality we have in training every day, so everyone has to give it their all every day in training.

This is a good thing, and it will also help our team perform better.”.

Regarding Ramsdale’s reaction to being benched at Goodison Park after starting England’s victory over Scotland in a friendly only a few days earlier, Odegaard added: “I think he will just keep working hard, like he always does.

He helped us, cheered for us, and was there to support us.

He has a wonderful personality, and today he responded very well by supporting his teammates, being present, and energizing us.

He did a great job.

There is intense competition between our two capable goalkeepers.

“Two excellent goalkeepers, each with their own specialties, and both excellent in the air and on the ground.

“We are fortunate to have two such skilled goalkeepers; we will decide who will play, but they are both outstanding.”.

The Gunners captain was pleased with the manner of the performance, having to grind out three points despite not being at their best, and the psychological importance of victory at Goodison Park, where they had not won in their previous five visits, to keep pace with the rest of their top-four rivals.

It was challenging. We were aware that it would be difficult; Arsenal has struggled there for a long time.

Nevertheless, I believe we performed admirably and earned the victory.

We had to deal with a variety of issues because they are a tough team and play in a unique way.

However, we were aware that it would be a challenging match.

Nevertheless, we were prepared, and I believe that we performed admirably on the field to battle and score the winning goal.”.

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