James Maddison of Tottenham responded admirably when Bukayo Saka made fun of him.

James Maddison of Tottenham responded admirably when Bukayo Saka made fun of him.

James Maddison of Tottenham responded to Bukayo Saka’s imitation of his celebration by clapping back at the Arsenal winger.


The final score was Arsenal 2-2 Spurs.

After Bukayo Saka of Arsenal mocked the Tottenham player’s celebration in the north London derby, James Maddison of Tottenham hilariously trash-talked the player.

Saka mimicked throwing a dart when he scored against Spurs on Sunday after Maddison had done so in celebration of his goal earlier in the season.



Arsenal took the lead at the Emirates Stadium thanks to Saka’s deflected shot.

In order to celebrate, he ran to the corner and pretended to throw a dart into the camera.

After Son Heung-min restored parity for Spurs, Saka converted a penalty to give Arsenal a 2-1 lead. He replicated Maddison’s celebration in what appeared to be a dig at his teammate for England.


The playmaker for Tottenham has now admitted that the two had “trash-talked” while serving their countries.

When he allowed Maddison to waltz past him and set up his team’s opening goal for Son, he joked that Saka was still doing the celebration.


“While serving overseas, Bukayo and I engaged in some friendly banter and trash talking. I was informed that he participated in the darts celebration,” Maddison told the Spurs’ official media outlets.


He must have been doing it when I turned him for the opening goal, in my opinion.

When I get back in there, I’ll speak with him briefly.


Maddison insists that Spurs have finally shed the label of being “Spursy,” which has dogged them for the past few years.

The England star thinks Postecoglou has changed the “soft” mentality that has previously been criticized as being characteristic of north Londoners.


Two times against Arsenal, Spurs came from behind. It happens a week after they overcame a 1-0 deficit against Sheffield United to win 2-1 with goals in extra time.


We’re not there to celebrate a point, Maddison continued.

“I think there were a few small opportunities toward the end, particularly in the closing seconds, where we might have possibly won it from a set-piece.


It’s a close race at the end, so you almost want to be solid so you don’t lose it at the last second, or you kind of want to throw at it to try and win it.

Richy [Richarlison] had a couple of shots, and me being in and around the box.


When you hear Tottenham supporters and observers talk about them, they frequently use phrases like “Soft, weak, they’ll bottle it, Spursy,” and other such nonsense.

I believe that winning late last week and coming back twice [today] changed that.

“I believe that the past few weeks indicate that we might be heading in a slightly different direction.

In a game against Sheffield United that appeared to be going one of those days, we scored goals in the 98th and 101st minutes to win late on.”.

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