All of Arteta’s press conference in Bournemouth.

After our 4-0 victory over Bournemouth on the south coast on Saturday, there were many reasons for Mikel Arteta to be happy.

The victory, which extended our unbeaten start to the season to ten games, was good for another clean sheet—our fourth of the season on the road—three points, and four goals.


Here are all of the manager’s remarks from the press conference following the game.


With regard to the outcome…

Very happy, very happy.

The team was prepared to play and aware of the challenge we faced against a team that didn’t deserve to win based on the games they had played.

They don’t give you any time, the ball is constantly under pressure, and the small field makes it difficult to escape, but I believe we read the game really well and earned the right to win it.


On the goal by Kai Havertz and the team’s celebrations…


I’m really happy for the victory, but I’m even happier to be a part of something, a team, that exhibits the human qualities that they displayed today, without my even suggesting it.

They won me even more today, they did it in a very natural way, and I’m so glad they did.

I’m also grateful to our fans for the way they chanted his name and helped him become famous.

I’m ecstatic for him.


With regards to Kai’s confidence and the goal…


It will probably change everything, but to start, if he had any lingering doubts about our feelings for him, our love for him, or how much we value everything he does, I think that’s out.

Usain Bolt once said, “I have to train four years to run nine seconds,” and I agree.

Sometimes in sports you have to put in a lot of work and don’t realize it until it’s too late.

However, when it’s too late, you realize it.

I’m sure what he’s gone through in the past few weeks has made this moment worth every second of the other moments.


On Bukayo Saka’s explosion while hurt…


Gabi was limping after the game, so I don’t know yet; I haven’t had a chance to speak to him.

However, I believe this was a stamp because it wasn’t in the same area.

Let’s see how they are doing.


When asked if he was aware that Havertz would receive the punishment...


The beauty of it is that they exercise initiative and leadership to make those decisions.


The beauty is in the gesture and the fact that the players can take those actions and make those decisions; I haven’t asked them, but I imagine Bukayo must take it, so first he gives it to Martin, and then he gave it to Kai.

It doesn’t really matter which order he gives it in, though.


Whether Kai Havertz required that opportunity today is debatable.


It was about that moment, that was the question that had to be answered, and today;s he did it. To show that level of empathy, understanding, worrying, and caring for someone, it’s just great.

We’ve all tried to give him support and the right tools to do what he has to do.

He’s doing so many great things in the game.



Concerning his opinion of Kai Havertz’s criticism...


I don’t know and I’m not here to judge, but I can tell you from what I see every day—and what we all see every day—that his level of dedication, desire, attitude, understanding, and quality are top-notch.

He needs to come out in all ways—he’s coming in a variety of ways—but today he needs to come in a way that will allow him to score the goal.


Whether today’s outcomes demonstrate that it is way too early to evaluate the season.


Nobody will win every game in this league, though, so we need to be consistent in what we do and try to play and select the right team every time to try to win the game.

However, some days it won’t be possible because the seventh game of the season is a long marathon.


Upon facing Manchester City up coming…


I am just contemplating on the bus how we can prepare Lens for Tuesday’s really difficult away match. City will be the next step, but it will take a lot of good things and move them for Tuesday in order to maintain the level we are showing and try to make the right decision with the line-up and squad once more.

I feel great that we won the game, and that’s the only thing we can control.


If you win next weekend, you could end up at the top of the standings.


Although there are still a lot of things that could happen and we have another game, it would be fantastic.

on not giving up a goal this season while playing away from home…

It’s a big one; keeping clean sheets will be essential for us to win games in this league, and doing so away from home will likely be even more difficult.

The challenge is now whether we can carry that into the Emirates and maintain consistency.



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