Matheus Nunes issued a warning regarding Wolves’ comeback on Matchday.

Matheus Nunes issued a warning regarding Wolves’ comeback following their unsuccessful attempt to move Man City.


After a somewhat underwhelming debut season at Molineux, Matheus Nunes left Wolves for Manchester City in a £53 million deal this summer.

He can anticipate a hostile environment upon his return.


On Saturday afternoon, Gary O’Neil believes that Matheus Nunes, an old friend, might experience Molineux’s wrath.


The manager of Wolves may have paid homage to a player for whom Manchester City paid £53 million this summer by claiming he had no grudges against him.

Although the player went on strike to force through his transfer to the Etihad, he doesn’t think the home crowd will have forgotten and forgave him.


“Matheus is a talented player, isn’t he, isn’t he?

He moved for that sum of money to the best side in the world,” he remarked. It reveals his character.

Losing him was not in the original plan.


“I anticipated seeing him here.

We anticipated him playing a significant role in that.

And we were putting a lot of effort into it.

We arrived at our current situation when Manchester City called, using the numbers they mention.

It’s not just Matheus who has this tendency; other players do too.

Although they are told that perhaps it does, I don’t think it is helpful.


When asked about the reception Nunes will get, O’Neil responded, “I’m not sure – normally you get a mix, but when people leave like that, I would suggest it won’t be great.


But I won’t instruct Wolves supporters on how to treat him.

Even if we treat him with extreme kindness, he will still attempt to kill us with the ball.

Even if we jeer and boo him, he will still try to kill us.

“Remember, he was sent off after being wound up by Brighton.

We can’t play any games, though, in my opinion.



Not everyone is eager to leave the Black Country, though. Jose Sa, a keeper, joined the team two years ago and recently extended his contract by four more years.


Jose is a fantastic goalkeeper, and the club is thrilled to have him, according to O’Neil.

He’s a great shot blocker.


“If you know you’re under a difficult spell, you know he’s going to come and claim them.

Good keepers seem to develop when the team struggles.


Jose always gives me the impression that he can help us get through times when things aren’t going our way, which is a very important quality to have.


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