Kyle Walker now offers his frank response to Liverpool’s most recent VAR farce

Kyle Walker now offers his frank response to Liverpool’s most recent VAR farce

Kyle Walker, a defender for Manchester City, offered his opinion on the VAR ruling that cost Liverpool a goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

We’ve all heard the tale by this point.

In September, Luis Diaz broke through to score the first goal for 10-man Liverpool against Spurs, but VAR miscommunicated an offside call.

In the football world, there has been much discussion about the incident, and City’s Walker is the most recent participant.

The 33-year-old acknowledged that he has conflicting opinions about VAR in a statement to Manchester Evening News.

The former Tottenham player declared, “I like it when it helps us out and I don’t like it when it doesn’t help us out!”.

When you’re discussing football with your friends and debating whether a goal was scored or if a player was offside, it sometimes eliminates that conversation.

It can occasionally go wrong because of that.


Walker made a comment about the Diaz decision in particular, saying that since two weeks have passed, the case should be adjudicated.


They have publicly apologized to Liverpool for that, he continued.

“It’s football, so there will undoubtedly be opinions about who is right and who is wrong.


Walker fails to see the point.


This was not at all “about who’s right and who’s wrong,” as Walker appears to be missing.

He might have missed the relevant incident.


There was absolutely no room for disagreement regarding the Diaz non-goal; it was onside and the whole point of the controversy.


However, the desire for Liverpool to make a difference in the scandal seems to have faded.

It has dissipated into the distance as these things typically do as the game progresses.


It’s pointless to get caught up in the injustice of the circumstance; that’s all well and good. It might not be Liverpool on the receiving end, but that’s not the point; what about when this merely occurs again?

In fact, VAR nearly started a new scandal just a few days after their blunder at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Raheem Sterling’s questionable goal was not thoroughly reviewed before the game was restarted against Chelsea the following weekend for Burnley.


Fortunately, the officials got away with it because the “onside” decision was the right one. But before long, this will happen once more.

We all enjoy it when the outcome favors us, as Walker says, so let’s hear what he has to say when City has one taken away from them unlawfully.



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