Deco has revealed plans for a ‘farewell match’ with Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Deco has revealed plans for a ‘farewell match’ with Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Messi could wear the Barcelona shirt again


Barcelona sporting director Deco has revealed that the club are planning to hold a ‘farewell match’ for Lionel Messi.


Messi is undoubtedly the best footballer to play for Barcelona.

He was the club’s top goalscorer (672 goals in all competitions) and club’s top goalscorer (778 goals in all competitions) during his 17 years in the league.

The first team.

The club’s financial problems have forced the player to stay in 2021, and Messi has had two mediocre seasons at Paris Saint-Germain since his departure.

Lionel Messi

After his two-year contract with the Ligue 1 club expired, Barcelona attempted to re-sign Messi but were unable to do so due to financial difficulties.

This eventually earned Messi a move to Inter Miami, where he finished his first season in MLS scoring 11 goals in all competitions for his new club.


There are rumors that a return to Europe in the off-season could see them miss out on the play-offs, with Barcelona their obvious destination.

The legendary striker denied the rumours, but Barcelona sporting director Deco told The Lance that fans will soon see Messi back in the club’s colours.

But it is not competitive.


“I think it will be a farewell game, maybe at the new stadium when it’s ready.

He will always be the biggest idol in the history of the club. The club has had great idols like Cruyff and Ronaldo, but he is perhaps the greatest of them all.


“He will definitely play his farewell game in Barcelona, ​​but we don’t know when. He is playing now and I hope he plays for many years to come.

Because people who love football, people who play football are happy that he is happy.


Barcelona are scheduled to play at the Camp Nou again in November 2024, and renovations to the famous stadium are set to begin soon.


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