Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappe? Real Madrid’s transfer issue has been resolved

Real Madrid’s 2023 summer transfer window will be one of the club’s most successful transfer windows, but it was a glaring mistake.

The signing of Jude Bellingham is a huge achievement for Real Madrid.

After the disappointing departures of Eden Hazard and Aurelien Chouameni (the latter had a lot of promise but is still finding his place), the Englishman immediately became one of the club’s flashiest Galactico signings in recent years.

Bellingham’s goal replaced Karim Benzema, but many Real Madrid fans still believe the club made a mistake when they signed Joselu as a true No.9 in the summer.

The German-born Spaniard is exactly what you’d expect.

It’s solid, but not great.

Really need a star striker.

Kylian Mbappe has been heavily linked with Los Blancos and Erling Holland’s name still rings in the hearts of Madridistas.

Reports from last summer, which have recently resonated in the Spanish media, suggest that if Real Madrid were to gauge the sentiment among their fans, as they often do, many would prefer the Norwegian over the French, especially after a move from 2022.

But who should Madrid sign?

Let’s take a look at the data.

Haaland or Mbappe?

There are several factors to consider when signing a player.

Cost and whether a player fits the team are just two of the many things we focus on here.

First, let’s talk about cost. Kylian Mbappe’s contract expires in 2024 and he has the right to choose his next club in January, while Haaland is under contract with Manchester City until 2027.

Both will obviously demand high wages and other contract fees, but Haaland will demand a much higher fee as he also demands a generous transfer fee.

This would certainly be a question mark if Mbappe would extend his contract with PSG.

Between now and January.



Haaland’s contract has several release clauses and his price will likely drop as the year goes on.

Mbappe could become even cheaper in 2024, as this amount will be 200 million euros.

But what about stylistic consistency?

While Mbappe is a player who can create something out of nothing – a complete package – Haaland relies more on his teammates to create transition opportunities.

But that won’t be a problem for Real Madrid as they will have such players around Haaland.

Individually, the Norwegian can be better as Mbappe wants to be the main man and star of the team, which may be difficult to achieve with Bellingham and Vinicius Junior.

Especially since the latter is in Mbappe’s favorite location nearby.

Located on the left wing.

After consulting SciSports, which compiles thousands of data to identify the perfect club for a player, Haaland appears to be a good choice here as well.

Norway’s Real Madrid club match rating is 77 points and Mbappe’s rating is 69 points.


The SciSports algorithm believes that Los Blancos’ current squad is no match for the Frenchman.

But that could change if Carlo Ancelotti leaves at the end of the season, as expected.

Ultimately, both players have their merits and could be huge commercial successes for Real Madrid, but given all of the above, Haaland may be a better fit for Los Blancos than Mbappe, despite his higher price tag.

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