Despite his poor form, Real Madrid manager defends Barcelona and Xavi, saying, “Great professional, great coach.”

Despite his poor form, Real Madrid manager defends Barcelona and Xavi, saying, “Great professional, great coach.”

Barcelona is currently experiencing a sporting crisis. After a string of underwhelming performances, the team is now trailing Real Madrid and Girona in the league title.


Coach Xavi Hernandez is under a great deal of pressure after the team’s recent defeats to Girona and Royal Antwerp; even the players are beginning to lose faith in him.


An unexpected person has shown support for Barcelona coach Xavi as he continues to be under pressure.


Ancelotti Carlo defends Xavi

After a run of poor performances, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has shown support for Xavi Hernandez.


In light of the team’s dismal performance, Ancelotti was questioned recently about Xavi’s work. In reply, the Italian supported his Spanish colleague and even complimented Xavi’s coaching skills.

In response to the question of whether Barcelona is the best, Ancelotti stated (via Diario SPORT) that “coaches are entitled to criticism.” Then, everyone evaluates whether the criticism is fair or not. Today’s world is full of criticism. The outcomes serve as a coach’s yardstick.


Nobody is interested in the players who sit on the bench, the approach, or their versatility. Whether you succeed or fail is the verdict, Ancelotti continued.


After defending Xavi’s work, the Real Madrid manager said that the Spaniard is a gifted professional who understands the complex dynamics of the coaching world.

Ancelotti remarked, “Xavi knows this well; he is a great coach and professional and has the ability to handle these situations.”


Barcelona has some crucial games coming up.

Barcelona management may not find much comfort in Ancelotti’s defense of Xavi, particularly given the player’s current form.


In actuality, the Catalans have a few crucial games approaching. Notably, they are playing Valencia later tonight, with a match against Almeria right after.


For Xavi, these next few games could mean the difference between keeping his job and losing it. Any bad outcome could spell trouble even for Barcelona, particularly if they want to stay competitive with Real Madrid and Girona in the league title race.

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