Manchester City’s position on the European Super League has been revealed.

Manchester City’s position on the European Super League has been revealed.

In a recent report published on Thursday afternoon, Manchester City’s position on recent developments in the European Super League was disclosed.


The European Court of Justice declared on Thursday morning that the regulations set by Uefa and Fifa prohibiting clubs from participating in breakaway competitions such as the European Super League were illegal, marking a significant development.

Some of the largest teams in Europe, including Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, and Borussia Dortmund, swiftly voiced their disinterest in the new developments and proposals, though, with official statements.


Manchester City’s position on the most recent developments in the world of football competition has now been revealed, according to emerging reports, with the Treble winners aligning themselves with several of their rivals.


Journalist Ben Jacobs says Manchester City’s stance on the European Super League “remains the same,” which supports his claim.

A22, the company that supports the European Super League, unveiled a new proposal for men’s and women’s European competitions in light of the development. The proposal calls for a league system with 64 men’s clubs spread across three leagues, with participation determined by sporting merit and no permanent members.

Manchester City, the reigning Premier League winners, confirmed in an April 2021 statement that it had “formally enacted the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League.”


Three days after the club announced their participation in the competition alongside twelve other founding member clubs, they decided to withdraw from the European Super League.

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