A three-word message from an injured Liverpool star teases a shocking comeback.

A three-word message from an injured Liverpool star teases a shocking comeback.

On social media, left-back Kostas Tsimikas of Liverpool gave a hint about his early injury return by writing that it’s “not long now.” During the Reds’ 1-1 draw with Arsenal last month, Bukayo Saka shoved the Greece international into Jurgen Klopp, breaking his collarbone.

Following the impact, the defender was transported to the hospital, where Klopp verified that the defender had suffered a broken collarbone. Before Liverpool takes on Arsenal in the FA Cup third round on Friday, Tsimikas posted a photo of himself at the AXA Training Centre to Instagram. He is not expected to play this weekend against the Gunners, but based on his Instagram activity, his recovery is going according to plan.

It usually takes six weeks or longer for a broken collarbone to heal, but Tsimikas seemed to be in good health less than two weeks after the injury. The left-back’sreturndate has not been announced, and fellow left-back Andrew Robertson is also out due to injury.


Earlier this week, Liverpool called up Owen Beck from his loan with Dundee of the Scottish Premiership. Klopp acknowledged that the injury to the Reds’ other left-backs was a factor in the decision.


“So, we always saw and were pretty positive about Owen, but he had two really difficult loan spells, and it was surprising that it didn’t work out because of what we thought about Owen,” the Reds manager stated on Friday, but that’s just the way it is, particularly with young boys who are sent away from home and other situations like this.

Many things can go wrong there, so everything has to fit perfectly. The team and manager must be the right ones, and if you have another left-back there with experience, that would be ideal as well. A loan spell may not actually occur for a variety of reasons.

That was probably the case for him, but now that he was in Dundee, things were good and he made significant progress. The situation is now apparent: we have lost two of our left-backs, so we believe it makes sense to bring a boy back who we like if he is available. That is all.


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