What Chelsea supporters did yesterday just before Willian turned a corner for Fulham

What Chelsea supporters did yesterday just before Willian turned a corner for Fulham

Willian, the former winger for Chelsea, is still adored at Stamford Bridge.


In 2020, Willian moved from Chelsea to Arsenal and is currently a player for Fulham, a rival team in west London. That hasn’t altered Chelsea fans’ opinions of the Brazilian, though.


Journalist Bobby Vincent reports that during Fulham’s 1-0 loss to the Blues at Stamford Bridge yesterday, the home crowd greeted their former player warmly and chanted “he hates Tottenham” before the player took a corner.


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In 2013, Willian came dangerously close to signing with Tottenham before opting to join their bitter rivals.


“Chelsea arrived on the day I was scheduled to sign my Spurs contract,” the 35-year-old stated in an interview with The Athletic in 2022. “When the call came, I was at Tottenham’s training ground wrapping up the deal. “Chelsea just called me and they want you,” my agent informed me. “All right, I want to go there,” I said.


Willian was recently praised by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp as one of the best Premier League players ever.


Willian is still adored by Chelsea supporters

It’s simple to see why Willian, who moved to Arsenal and is currently a Fulham player, is still so beloved at Stamford Bridge.


Throughout his time in blue, he achieved a great deal and contributed to Chelsea’s multiple trophy victories, including two Premier League titles.

Of course, the fact that he turned down Tottenham’s offer to join Chelsea will always be remembered by their supporters.


Is Willian a legend at Chelsea? Maybe not to others, but maybe to some. However, fans will always value him as a player, and they demonstrated this yesterday.


Willian had a disappointing game, but Mauricio Pochettino and his squad will be happy with the outcome. They are currently eighth in the Premier League standings and getting closer to the European spots as a result of their victory over Marco Silva’s team.


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