Foden & De Bruyne CRITICIZED: Can They SAVE Their Euros AND Man City’s REPUTATION?

City Slickers Struggle to Shine: International Blues for Manchester’s Elite


While Manchester City boasts the most players at Euro 2024, some of their biggest stars haven’t quite set the German stage alight yet.


Mixed Bag for City Contingent


Sure, 10 of City’s 14 representatives tasted victory in the first round, but that hasn’t shielded them from scrutiny. Rodri and Akanji impressed for Spain and Switzerland respectively, while Walker and Stones held firm in England’s narrow win. However, others haven’t fared so well.


Belgium’s Dazzling Doku Dims, De Bruyne Dethroned?


Belgium’s young talent, Doku, showcased dazzling skills but gifted Slovenia a goal with a sloppy giveaway in their shocking loss. De Bruyne, the midfield maestro, also struggled to inspire a comeback. Both have a fight ahead to get Belgium back on track.


Portugal’s Quartet: Shining Dias, Subdued Silva?


Portugal, boasting the most City players, emerged victorious against Czechia, but the win wasn’t convincing. Ruben Dias, the dependable defender, surprised many by pushing forward like Stones does for City, often acting as a creative spark. However, Bernardo Silva wasn’t spared criticism. His decision to force a pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, instead of taking a clear shot, highlighted the disconnect between his club and international performances.


Foden in the Firing Line: England Expects More

The spotlight has fallen harshly on Phil Foden. A subdued performance against Serbia sparked debate. Former players like Fabregas suggest he needs to be more like Bellingham, while Richards argues England should adapt to his strengths. Foden’s versatility and adaptability are his greatest assets – he seamlessly switches positions at City, excelling on the right, centrally, and even as a false nine. His talent is undeniable, and the criticism might be misplaced.


Shining Stars, System Struggles?


The argument is clear: City’s intricate system, honed to perfection, might not translate seamlessly to the international stage. Foden and Bernardo are tactically astute players who thrive within Guardiola’s framework, but replicating that elsewhere is a challenge. They shouldn’t be solely blamed for struggling to hit the ground running.


Early Days, Big Names: Time to Turn the Tide?


It’s important to remember it’s still early in the tournament. De Bruyne and Doku will be looking to lead Belgium to the knockout stages, while England and Portugal remain strong contenders, with Foden and Bernardo likely to play a crucial role later. One thing’s for sure: when they return to City, their adaptability and versatility will shine through once again.



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