Southgate Faces HUGE Decision: Bench the Star or Change Formation?

England’s £100 million Misfit: Can Southgate Unlock Foden’s Magic?


Phil Foden, England’s most expensive young talent, is a ticking time bomb of unrealized potential. While his club form screams “unleash the beast,” his performances for the Three Lions have left fans scratching their heads.


City Slicker vs. International Enigma: Imagine a Ferrari stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. That’s Foden for England. He’s bagged a staggering 19 goals and 8 assists for Manchester City, but for his country? A measly one goal in 13 appearances.


Southgate’s Puzzle: Square Peg, Round Hole? The manager’s got his work cut out. Should he force Foden out wide, a position that stifles his creativity? Or should he reshuffle the midfield, potentially sacrificing the impressive Bellingham to unlock Foden’s magic?


Micah Richards throws shade: The former England defender isn’t shy about criticizing Southgate’s tactics. “Foden’s a maestro, not a bulldozer,” he says, basically calling out the manager for sidelining Foden’s natural playmaking style.


Bellingham or Bust? Is the young sensation, Bellingham, inadvertently hogging the spotlight? Rio Ferdinand suggests Bellingham’s dominant personality might be overshadowing Foden, leaving him hesitant to take control.

Foden Needs to Find His Voice: Even midfield legend Cesc Fabregas lays it down. “Does Foden want the ball enough?” he asks. England needs Foden to embrace the pressure, not shy away from it.


Can Southgate Solve the Foden Equation? The clock is ticking. Euro 2024 glory hinges on Southgate’s ability to unlock Foden’s potential. Will he be the missing piece in England’s championship puzzle, or will he remain a frustrating enigma?



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