Despite Bayern Munich’s interest, Pep Guardiola is unwilling to let Stefan Ortega go.

Despite Bayern Munich’s interest, Pep Guardiola is unwilling to let Stefan Ortega go.

I suppose Pep does not want Orte to leave.

To put it mildly, Bayern Munich’s search for a new goalkeeper has not yielded much. Given the uncertainty surrounding his return, the club is in desperate need of a Manuel Neuer replacement. Sven Ulreich is not someone the club is willing to completely rely on, despite his willingness to give it his all until Neuer returns. Notable is also the fact that he is the only devoted keeper for the first team.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, one of the club’s top targets, passed up Bayern Munich to join Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid, though the Rekordmeister is still keeping an eye on a number of other prospects. David de Gea from Manchester United, Emiliano Martinez from Aston Villa, and Stefan Ortega from Manchester City are among the players on the list.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of City, has drawn attention to the situation involving Ortega and expressed his reluctance to let go of the German goalkeeper. According to Manchester Evening News, Guardiola said that while he couldn’t completely rule out a transfer if the terms and costs were worked out and Ortega was willing to make the switch, he’d prefer it didn’t.

The manager continued, explaining the reasoning and praising the keeper’s abilities. He explained how Ortega’s purchase came about and how City’s goalkeeping coach was the one who got it started.”.

We bring him here because [goalkeeping coach] Xabi Mancisidor sent me video clips of him and said he was the type of goalkeeper we needed, according to Guardiola. The club’s desire to keep Ortega was expressed by the Spaniard, who noted that the player’s strong performances had cemented Ortega’s place with the team.

“Neither selling him nor loaning him are things we want to do. He said emphatically, “I’m sorry, but we need him for a while.”.

The manager went on to explain that three parties—Ortega, the player, and the two clubs involved—were necessary for the transfer to happen. This implied that, should the transfer take place, not only was the situation out of his control, but it would also be his responsibility to find a replacement within just two weeks.

“We require him, but as in many situations, three parties are involved. If Stefan leaves us two weeks before the market closes, we’ll need to find a keeper, which is currently a difficult task. It’s challenging. He’s who we want, Guardiola said.

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