Newcastle’s move fails, Arsenal awaiting Tierney offers, but a significant profit is anticipated.

Newcastle’s move fails, Arsenal awaiting Tierney offers, but a significant profit is anticipated.

According to Charles Watts, Arsenal are still waiting for offers for left-back Kieran Tierney as the transfer window draws to a close. He also said that the club is surprised that he hasn’t already found a move away.

Lewis Hall, a prospect from Chelsea’s academy, was signed by Newcastle despite constant links to the 26-year-old throughout the summer.

As club officials work to secure Tierney’s future, he has not participated in Arsenal’s Premier League campaign thus far.

While these discussions are ongoing, Watts stated, “We’re not seeing him.”. “I don’t think they’ve made any progress.

“That was unexpected,” said of the closure of one possible exit for Tierney after Newcastle signed Lewis Hall. I had assumed he would travel to Newcastle.

“For Tierney, a lot of doors seem to be closing. What Newcastle’s scouting division has observed and suggested is unknown to me.

But it’s obvious that they believed Hall was a better long-term investment than Kieran Tierney. Newcastle would have benefited greatly from having Tierney at left back. He is an excellent defender.

However, it was clear that the scouting division had a different opinion. In the few games I’ve seen Hall play, he seems like a respectable player.

For me, there is only one player I’m signing there, and it isn’t Lewis Hall, if I had to choose between Kieran Tierney and Lewis Hall for roughly the same sort of transfer fee. “.


Real Sociedad, who is participating in the Champions League again this year, may attract interest from abroad.

However, it is still unclear whether the Spanish side will be able to close the deal from a financial standpoint.

Watts continued, “Sociedad are still a factor.

“They’re still hoping to get him, but it all depends on the financial arrangements they can make.

You ponder whether or not that will be possible.

“They will play in the Champions League this year, which could help with finances, but I believe Arsenal started this summer wanting and anticipating big money for Tierney. “.

Tierney, who joined Arsenal from Celtic in 2019, is reportedly demanding between £25 and £30 million from the club. Nevertheless, as the window closes, they might need to lower their hopes. Due to the financial stakes, it is currently believed that his former club is not a contender.

Since we’ve reached this point in the window and he’s still there, Watts continued, “I think Arsenal will be surprised. “It seems to be getting harder and harder to get the kind of fee they were hoping for.

Brendan Rodgers has previously stated that they will not spend £20 million to £25 million on a player after selling Jota. If he had the chance, Tierney would undoubtedly want to return there. He has a strong sense of ownership over his club.

They are a member of the Champions League. For him, it would fulfill many criteria. He would undoubtedly take the opportunity if it were presented to him, but Celtic simply cannot afford it. “.


According to Watts, Nuno Tavares, a fellow exiled left-back, is also likely to leave as Arsenal looks to outbid their £7 million acquisition price from Benfica in 2021.

The Portuguese’s earlier summer transfer to Nottingham Forest fell through, and Aston Villa is also said to have expressed interest.

According to Watts, the forest appeared to be in the midst of something. There were discussions, but nothing came of them. That effort has failed.

“If that occurs again, as opposed to considering other options, between this point and the end of the window. Moreover, Arsenal is considering other possibilities. Clubs are considering him.

“I saw the links to Villa. While he undoubtedly has many weaknesses in his game, he also excels in many areas. Because of this, he is a subject of great interest. He’s uncooked.

However, there is a player there who is extremely quick and who is capable of scoring goals, creating havoc, and generally being a nuisance when he advances.

“If you can put all of that together correctly, you’ll have a real player on your hands. Arsenal paid £7 million to bring him in, and if they sell, they will receive much more. It’s shrewd business on Arsenal’s part. “.

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