The tactical genius of Mikel Arteta may propel Arsenal to the Premier League championship..

The tactical genius of Mikel Arteta may propel Arsenal to the Premier League championship..

Alex Walsh of The Gooner Fanzine explains the significant tactical adjustment Mikel Arteta made this year in the hopes that it will propel Arsenal to the championship.

We first witnessed Mikel Arteta’s new system against Nottingham Forest in the season’s first game, and it appears that he is adamant about sticking with it.

The main change between this new system and the previous one is the addition of another attacker after a defender is dropped.

This makes sense when Arsenal controls the ball for 70–80% of the game because the extra attacker can aid in breaking down the opposition.

It is especially sensible when up against 5-back defenses, as Forest did in the first game.

Isolating Gabi Martinelli and Bukayo Saka on the wings, where they can go one on one with a defender, is a key component of Arsenal’s strategy.

It is possible to isolate Saka and Martinelli from their respective fullbacks by having players like Kai Havertz, Eddie Nketiah, and Martin degaard occupy the three central defenders from the opposition.

Both of the goals scored against Forest were accomplished in this manner. First goal was created by Martinelli, and second goal was scored by Saka after a cutback.

How Thomas Partey functions within this new framework.

Thomas Partey is playing a hybrid role in this new system, which is similar to what John Stones did at Manchester City.

Partey performs the duties of a right back when Arsenal is defending. But once he gains control of the ball, he moves deftly into the middle of the field, freeing Ben White to move to the right back position.

Partey won’t spend much time in that right back position when Arsenal controls possession for 70–80% of the game, despite the fact that some may think his role in this system is unnecessary.

He will instead be in charge of the midfield. Against any of the league’s top teams, I don’t believe Arteta will use this new system. However, it just makes sense when up against a weaker opposition that tends to back off.

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