Arteta speaks about the Saudi transfer window.

Arteta speaks about the Saudi transfer window.

London – Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, wants the Saudi Pro League transfer window to close at the same time as the top divisions of Europe.

Since the end of the previous season, a large number of Premier League players have switched to Saudi clubs after investment in four of the top teams in the country allowed them to pay significantly higher transfer fees.

Stars from the top league in Europe have been selected, including Karim Benzema and Neymar.

In contrast to their opponents, Aleksandar Mitrovic, a Serbian forward who recently joined Al-Hilal, Arsenal, who will play Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday, has not lost any members of their roster due to the Saudi spending binge.

The transfer window for the Premier League closes on Friday, but Saudi clubs will have until September 20 to sign and register new players.

In that case, Premier League clubs run the risk of losing players to Saudi Arabia without having a backup plan.

When asked if the situation was just, Arteta responded, “No, because it is a competitor now. I disagree and believe that needs to change. “.

When asked if the Saudi Pro League deadline should coincide with that of Europe, Arteta responded, “That is my opinion, yes.

“It is a new competitor, and it offers new opportunities for players, managers, and those who work in the industry to make choices.

When clubs, players, or anyone else has to agree to something, you have to have the intention to go and find agreements; this is why there are contracts. In the end, we are free to decide.

Arteta thinks it would be unstable to lose a player after the window closed, but he is aware that the Arsenal hierarchy might decide to accept a high-dollar offer.

“Yes, I agree that it would be a problem. However, I am unable to decide on behalf of the club. There are many people involved in that process, and they would all undoubtedly have a say in it. They would also take ownership of it, he added.

It would be laid out on the table, much like any offer, for you to consider. They are a competitor, so that’s the only thing I’m saying—it’s not ideal. “.

Gabriel Jesus may return from knee surgery to play for Arsenal on Saturday, who have won their first two league games.

It was a major setback for him to need another surgery after the preseason. He appears to be very well-groomed. He exercised well the entire week. “It’s great that he’s prepared to go.

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