Creative midfielder: Rankings by Kevin De Bruyne include James Maddison, Martin Odegaard, and Bruno Fernandes

Creative midfielder: Rankings by Kevin De Bruyne include James Maddison, Martin Odegaard, and Bruno Fernandes

The Manchester City player talked about who he thought was the best of the three.

The best creative midfielders, according to Kevin De Bruyne, are Bruno Fernandes, Martin Odegaard, and James Maddison.

The Manchester City player, who is currently out for the foreseeable future after suffering a severe injury on the first day of the season, appeared on Sky Sports Premier League to rank a variety of subjects from 1-3.

The most intriguing question was when Belgian De Bruyne, who plays the position among others, had to rank the best creative midfielders. The video also discusses potential Ballon d’Or winners, the atmosphere in stadiums, and teammate haircuts.

During the meeting, which was presided over by Football Daily’s Joe Thomlinson, De Bruyne had to choose between Fernandes, Odegaard, and Maddison. The choice had some interesting results.

It’s time to learn how he ranked them, though.

James Madison no.4.

I was surprised by how quickly De Bruyne made up his mind and quickly ranked Maddison last. The former Leicester City player has a longstanding reputation as one of England’s best attacking midfielders, and since joining Ange Postecoglou’s squad at Tottenham Hotspur in the summer, he has had a significant positive impact.

De Bruyne has been impressed by the Englishman, but he needs to see more of him in a significant team before he can place him ahead of the other two midfielders on the list.

He explained his decision, saying: “Maddison is also really creative, but I need to see more of him in a big team, so that can change. “.

If Maddison’s first two matches for Spurs are any indication, he’s not wasting any time in showcasing his prowess for a top-tier English club.

Three Martin Odegaard.

The City star eventually ranked Odegaard second on his list after some additional thought between the top two. In light of the fact that the club only paid £30m for the Arsenal player’s services a couple of years ago, he has proven to be an incredible value.

He particularly made significant progress last season and helped the Gunners mount their first serious title challenge in a long time.

He had his best season of his career last year, scoring 15 goals and dishing out eight assists, but De Bruyne recognized his disadvantage because of Fernandes’ age.

Having said that, he went on to say: “I feel Odegaard was amazing last year, but obviously he’s younger, so there’s a difference in that. “.

Nevertheless, he continued to heap praise on the Norwegian, saying: “Odegaard is extremely creative and he’s a little more controlled. “.

Bruno Fernandes no. 2.

De Bruyne appears to be a huge fan of Fernandes, and for good reason. The Portuguese superstar has been nothing short of amazing since joining Manchester United in January 2020.

Over the past three years, he has consistently been the club’s most significant and influential player, even during some of its darkest moments.

There’s no denying how crucial Fernandes is offensively for United, and there aren’t many talented midfielders who can match his output.

He’s made at least 15 goal contributions in each of his seasons at Old Trafford.

De Bruyne understands this, and it had an impact on his choice. When asked why he ranked the United player first, the 32-year-old responded, “I think he’s a creative machine.

“I believe he is always there. He also takes a lot of chances, and I like that. He’s been doing great, that much is obvious. “.

He also mentioned how long Fernandes had been producing top-notch performances in the top division, saying: “He’s also been doing it a long time.”.

But since all three players are at the very top of their game, there isn’t really a wrong or right response. We won’t be debating De Bruyne anytime soon, though, given his credentials.

One of the all-time great creative midfielders is Kevin De Bruyne.

The man who is arguably the best of the best, Kevin De Bruyne, is the person best suited to discuss the best creative midfielders in the Premier League.

He established himself as one of the world’s most promising young players at VfL Wolfsburg through his performances there, but it was his move to Manchester City in 2015 that really cemented his place among the top midfielders in the world.

He has had a profound impact on City residents, and Pep Guardiola’s team has greatly benefited from him. He consistently proves that he is superior to all other midfielders, whether it be through goals or assists, and he is capable of turning the tide of a match on his own.

De Bruyne’s creativity reached its peak after Erling Haaland joined the team last season, as evidenced by the Belgian’s 31 assists during the campaign. These numbers are simply incomprehensibly absurd.

The star has pretty much won everything there is to win at the club level during his time in Manchester. He’s pretty much finished with domestic football in England after winning five Premier Leagues, five League Cups, and two FA Cups, but last year also saw him get his hands on a Champions League after Guardiola’s team became the first team to ever win the world’s best club competition.

His reputation as one of the greatest midfielders in history is also supported by a wealth of individual accolades. He has won the Premier League Player of the Year award twice, in addition to four times winning the Manchester City Player of the Year award. It’s a shining example of the influence he has had over the years on the team, and even though he’s 32 years old now, he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down any time soon.

De Bruyne’s partnership with Haaland may help him maintain his status as England’s top creative midfielder for the foreseeable future. Although he wasn’t given the chance to rank himself among Fernandes, Odegaard, and Maddison, just about everyone else would have done so if they had been.

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