An analyst explains why Arsenal must keep finishing in the top four.

An analyst explains why Arsenal must keep finishing in the top four.

Why Arsenal must keep finishing in the top four, according to an analyst.

Following their return to the competition in the current season, financial analyst Kieran Maguire has emphasized the importance of Arsenal continuing to play in the UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal has improved over the past few seasons under Mikel Arteta’s leadership, which culminated in a top-two finish in the previous season that guaranteed their place in the Champions League.

All the clubs involved, including Arsenal, benefit financially and professionally from competing in Europe’s top club competition.

Not only does their return to the Champions League improve their standing among other clubs, but it also garners serious interest from prospective brand partnerships and sponsors.

Arsenal’s financial stability and health will be enhanced by upholding this high standard and consistently competing in the Champions League.

Maguire emphasizes how crucial it is to keep up this level of performance.

He reveals to Football Insider:.

“Arsenal have always had a sizable international fan base, but I don’t believe their commercial success has always reflected that.

Senior management is attempting to deal with that issue, among others.

“Therefore, from their perspective, the improvement from last season and regular qualification for the Champions League are absolutely crucial.”.

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