MEASURES: What Arsenal/Arteta can do to ignite Kai Havertz’s productivity.

MEASURES: What Arsenal/Arteta can do to ignite Kai Havertz’s productivity.

For the 2023–24 campaign, Kai Havertz will earn Arsenal’s highest salary.

Mikel Arteta’s variety of inspirational team speeches prior to games supports his reputation as a creative thinker.

The manager of Arsenal thought outside the box to create a awkward metaphor for Kai Havertz’s path to success at Arsenal.

“I said to him yesterday: ‘When I met my wife, at the beginning it was hard to conquer her,'” Arteta said, still high on adrenaline from a last-second victory over Manchester United.

“I had to try and message, and I kept going and going, but when she finally said, ‘Yes, we will be together,’ it was lovely.

It wouldn’t be that great if she had said “yes” on the first date.”.

Havertz still needs to do a lot to win over the majority of Arsenal’s fan base after four Premier League games without scoring, providing an assist, or putting on a standout performance.

Here is how Havertz can succeed at Arsenal, building on Arteta’s call for “persistency” and “determination.”.


Kai Havertz.

Havertz claims to be “relatively relaxed” despite his “bumpy” beginnings in north London, but he could use some help carrying that ease onto the field.

Havertz gave a demoralizing performance against Manchester United, easily the worst of his nascent Arsenal career.

He seemed utterly lacking in self-assurance.

It’s surprising that Havertz hasn’t yet been given the enduring moniker Jigsaw because few players go to pieces in the box as frequently as the German.

His most recent fluffed shot, a desperately limp stab, wasted a gaping sight of goal.

Marcus Rashford’s opening goal was made possible by Christian Eriksen’s interception of Havertz’s sluggish pass.

The VAR correctly overturned the penalty that Rashford dived to win.

A year ago, Havertz stated: “I want to get to the point where I can enter a game with the belief that I’m going to score. He continues to hold out.


The highest-paid player at Arsenal is still very much forming relationships with his new teammates.

Havertz had his hands over his head in pure shock when Bukayo Saka bent the ball into the bottom corner for Arsenal’s second goal of the Premier League season.

Observing players on TV or facing them once or twice a season is very different from doing so on a shared field week in and week out.

However, Havertz’s teammates have frequently changed over the years.

In the same number of Premier League games, the German played against four different left-backs.

After Arsenal’s victory over United, Aaron Ramsdale was quick to draw attention to the disparity in chemistry between the two attacking flanks.

The goalkeeper cited the right side, which included Ben White, Martin Odegaard, and Bukayo Saka, as having played together for all of time.

“The left: Kai Havertz, Gabriel Martinelli, Oleksandr Zinchenko?

Creating those connections requires time. “.


The slender German likes to “sneak around” the center backs of his opponents, but this season it seems that he has also managed to avoid his new teammates’ gaze.

Following the 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Fulham, Arteta praised Havertz, saying, “I think he’s already done really good things.”.

“There were some difficult times today.

The ball didn’t come even though he was in excellent positions. He ought to have already scored a lot of goals this season in many instances.

That is what is lacking.”.

Only Erling Haaland made more off-ball runs into the opposing penalty area in the Premier League last season than Havertz, according to Opta.

One of the most important aspects of the role that Havertz has taken over from Granit Xhaka is his ability to get inside the box. Six of the midfielder’s seven Premier League goals from last season came from 12 yards or less. Havertz can get away, but you need to track him down.

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