Should Arsenal let Thomas Partey go at this point?

Should Arsenal let Thomas Partey go at this point?

Arsenal supporters are pondering whether it’s time for Arteta to consider selling Partey in light of the news that he would be out for at least six weeks with a groin injury that was revealed last week before the match against Manchester United.

Partey has been injured for at least six weeks, and with Ghana qualifying for the January Africa Cup of Nations, Arsenal appears to be losing their defensive midfielder for a significant portion of this season.

Our experience with Partey hasn’t really included much availability, which is one of a player’s greatest assets.

Arteta is a dynamic player who commands the midfield, always plays with high intensity, and is essential to our transition play.

However, since joining Arsenal from Atletico Madrid, he has only played in 64 percent of the games, which poses a problem for Arteta.

While Partey is out injured, we are fortunate to have both Declan Rice and Kai Havertz to fill the void in the middle of the field.

Nevertheless, this frustrates Arsenal fans and makes them feel like Partey’s next injury is just a matter of time.

Although we have players who can step in for him, would it be wiser for the team if they started looking for a replacement now?

Personally, I believe we would be crazy not to accept the right bid if it came in for Partey.

It’s never easy to enter the January transfer window, especially when looking for a crucial position like Partey’s, but if we could sell him for a fair price and find a suitable replacement, it might be best to cut ties while we still have the opportunity.

Partey is a fantastic player for us, however, when he is available.

Having a player who is so dynamic is only advantageous for Arteta and his coaching staff during a season as busy as ours. He can play both midfield and defense.

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