Premier League’s best finishers of 23/24: Evan Ferguson passes Erling Haaland.

Erling Haaland is surpassed by Evan Ferguson as the 23rd best finisher in the Premier League.

It’s only right and fair that we acknowledge those at the other end of the scale who are making a mockery of the projections after we’ve had a good laugh at the players whose xG stats are most obviously owning them.

(Brighton) Evan Ferguson: +6 points.

Expected objectives: 2.4.

True objectives: 4.

The player who has so far come closest to Haaland in the race for the Golden Boot has taken the most shots this year, as well as more shots that have been on target.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) receives +6 points.

Expected objectives: 1.4.

True objectives: 3.

xG overall of 1.4, with three goals (all at Burnley) scored.

The armband appears to work for him.

Hwang Hee-chan (Wolves) receives +1 point 6.

Goals anticipated: 0/4.

Goals in reality: 2.

Added two goals to an overall xG of 0 points. Wolves lost both games in which he scored, so it didn’t matter.

Solly March (Brighton) receives +1 point.

1.5 goals are anticipated.

True objectives: 3.

had a hot start to the season, scoring three goals in the first two games.

In the next two, the enormous fraud, not a single shot was accurate.

Erling Haaland of Manchester City scored a point.

Goals anticipated: 4/6.

Actual objectives: six.

The Norwegian goalbot keeps making ridiculous moves in front of the net.

6) Tottenham’s Cristian Romero: +3 points.

Goals predicted: 0/ 7.

Realistic objectives: 2.

The 19-yard ripsnorter at Burnley, the kind of goal that sh*ttousing center halves shouldn’t score, was the catalyst for the majority of his sterling work here.

7) Taiwo Awoniyi (Nottingham Forest): +2 points.

Goals to be expected: 1 point 8.

True objectives: 3.

Three shots on goal in Forest’s first three games led to three goals.

8) Lyle Foster (Burnley): +2 points.

Expected outcomes: 0/08.

True objectives: 2.

On this list, the Clarets striker has the second-highest percentage of shots that are on target (60 percent).

It appears that Burnley will need him to keep up his brutality for the remaining 35 games.

9) Rodri (Manchester City): plus one point.

Goals anticipated: 0/08.

Realistic objectives: 2.

For Manchester City this season, Haaland and Julian Alvarez have taken more shots than anyone else.

No surprise he was City’s Player of the Month and a Premier League Award nominee.

10) West Ham’s Michail Antonio: +1.

Goals anticipated: 0/9.

Realistic objectives: 2.

Since he scored in each of the decisive victories over Chelsea and Brighton, the Hammers have repeatedly threatened to replace Antonio.

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