Declan Rice reveals the primary reason he chose Arsenal over Man City in the transfer market.

Declan Rice reveals the primary reason he chose Arsenal over Man City in the transfer market.

Declan Rice, the club-record signing for Arsenal, has talked about his “gut feeling” that led him to choose the club and how Mikel Arteta played a key role in his choice.

Mikel Arteta, rather than Manchester City or other teams linked to Declan Rice, was the primary factor in his decision to choose Arsenal over those other teams, according to Rice.

At one point during the summer transfer window, Rice appeared to be on his way to the Etihad to join the defending champions after Pep Guardiola’s team made a bid for the midfielder.

But after West Ham accepted Arsenal’s £105 million offer, the 24-year-old got his wish and signed a contract with the Gunners.

Since then, he has appeared in each of Arsenal’s first four Premier League games, and his 96th-minute winner against Manchester United earlier this month has cemented his place in the hearts of the Emirates faithful.

A lot of people believe that the goal signified Rice’s official transition to the Gunners.

If City had beaten Arsenal to the punch and signed Rice, things might have turned out very differently, but Rice has since explained why a move to the red half of North London was so alluring.

Rice was questioned about his decision to choose Arsenal by fellow former Hammer Joe Cole as part of Channel 4’s England coverage.

The manager, Mikel, I have to say, he retorted.

“I believe that as soon as I first met him, I knew that he was the person I wanted to handle the next phase of my career.

It was just the way he spoke, his aura, how he views the game, and how he wants to play football.

I could really see myself fitting in at Arsenal, and so far, that decision has paid off.

I think you’ve seen how they’ve played as a team the past two years. I always had a gut feeling that Arsenal would be the club from the moment I walked in until now, and I feel really at home.”.

Declan Rice has had a fantastic start to life at Arsenal.

Cole then pressed Rice for an opinion on whether the disparity in talent between his former West Ham teammates and his new Arsenal teammates was apparent. He chose to acknowledge some of his former colleagues while keeping his response polite.

Having said that, Rice did add: “At Arsenal, you see the season they had last year and the individuals they have, probably more national team players, I would say the biggest difference is in terms of how I have to play – you know, much more advanced, much more forward thinking.”.

Rice is the most expensive signing in Arsenal history, and that distinction comes with high standards. The England international is well aware that one of his goals in joining the club was to make a difference and lead the Gunners to their first league championship in 20 years.

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