THE PRESS: Regarding Bukayo Saka’s health, Odegaard’s contract with Arsenal, and Pepe’s departure, every word Mikel Arteta said.

THE PRESS: Regarding Bukayo Saka’s health, Odegaard’s contract with Arsenal, and Pepe’s departure, every word Mikel Arteta said.

Prior to Sunday’s Premier League match at Goodison Park between the Arsenal and Everton, the Arsenal manager spoke to the media.

Prior to Sunday’s Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park, Mikel Arteta gave a press conference.

After the international break, how are the players doing?

Each one is excellent. All of them returned safely.

They are all prepared because they all trained today.

How is Thomas Partey doing?

He still has a few weeks to go.

He sustained a muscle injury.

He’s making good progress, but he’s still a few weeks away.

Are the others accessible?

Yes, the rest are readily available.

Saka, how are you doing?

He is fine.

Nothing to report there because he trained normally today.

Is it still a problem today?

In professional sports, it’s common for players to experience aches or pains, but they shouldn’t cause concern.

In what stage of the contract process is Odegaard?

He is our captain and a key member of our team.

Both now and in the future, this person is very important.

He is very welcome, and we want to keep him around for a very long time.

Are you confident in it?

I have a positive outlook all the time.

We have a great relationship with him and his agent.

We’ll let you know as soon as that is confirmed.

In what ways are you anticipating the coming weeks?

It has me incredibly excited.

We are only thinking of Everton at this time. Our track record speaks for itself.

We haven’t won there in the last six years, so we’ll need to work hard and perform at the top of our game to get there.

We haven’t been able to do that, so we’ll have to get going.

When the schedule is released, do you keep an eye out for Everton?


I’m eternally appreciative of that football club because of the years I spent there and the memories I made there. It was a significant portion of my playing career, and now that I’m a coach, I have to go there and try to defeat them.

There, you’ve had no luck.

Are you aiming to succeed this time?

Aye, but we’ve been here before.

We have been to venues where we haven’t won in 17 years and done it before I arrived here.

It’s just a matter of addressing what was lacking in some games and making the necessary corrections.

How many workouts have you completed since the end of the international break, one?

That is today, yes.

Because there was a lot to do for some players as well, today is the first time we can only do a little.

We were aware of this from the start, so it’s just a matter of managing it.

Make sure that everyone understands what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we play without trying to impart too much information.

That’s all there is.

Do you find Everton’s current situation depressing?

Yes, but that is the history of football clubs.

The competition is the difficulty we currently face. The project they are working on there with the new stadium and everything else they are attempting to do is very exciting.

But just like everyone else, you encounter difficulties.

It’s how you deal with them to get better.

Are you astonished by how quickly Rice has adapted to life here?

Naturally, you always wish for a quick and smooth transition.

In some cases, the truth is different. I believe it has been extremely beneficial in this instance. I believe he quickly grasped the team dynamic and playing style. He seemed to find it very simple.

For him, everything is going well.

Vinai Venkatesham will retire in the summer.

How does that affect you?

He’s been here for 14 years, so I believe he has the authority to make that decision.

It’s a decision he’s made. He believes it’s best for him, his family, and his future.

I enjoyed working with him and had a great working relationship with him.

First and foremost, I value him, and I’ve always enjoyed our interactions. We wish him all the best.

But he still has a lot of things to do in the meantime until the end of the season.

Will your players be put to the test in the Champions League?

It’s exactly the same as it was last year, then. We played every three days, but it was in the Europa League.

Even though the competition is different after being away for seven years, it is still exciting.

Where we want to be is here.

Everyone is very excited about it when you consider the schedule and the games we have to play.

Regret that Pepe isn’t working?

Yes, but players will undoubtedly have their moments.

Not just for him, but also for Rob moving out and the others who took loans out.

Although you have a strong emotional bond with them and have worked to bring out the best in them, there are times when you may even fall in love with the player even though another player who fills the same position performs just as admirably.

We certainly wish them the best and hope they can realize their dreams somewhere else despite the many factors at play.”.

Before your time, only three players remained. Does that imply that you are under pressure?

The pressure we place on ourselves each and every day from within won’t be exceeded, in my opinion.

You have already decided to coach the players once you have them.

They represent the club; they are not my players.

The squad and the team are always evolving, so if you stick around for a while, you’ll see that happening frequently just like any other squad in the world.

Will you engage in combat with them, as you did with Everton, or will you try to avoid it?

Unfortunately, some battles are unavoidable. There are some balls that you have to prove, and they play in a specific way that they are very good at.

We have a very different one, and when you’re trying to impose your style of play, you want to make sure that your strengths are always showing while your opponents’ weaknesses are completely hidden.

Does the Pepe situation teach us anything?

The amount of money we paid at the time was not his fault because he was a fantastic boy who worked very hard and tried his best.

However, I wasn’t involved in the process of that deal. You must change course when something doesn’t work.

It makes no sense to try something if neither party benefits from it, so I believe it’s in their best interests to cooperate.

Will he be the last player to have a contract canceled?

Each case has been quite unique, and three parties have always had to reach a consensus. I don’t make that choice.

After the window closed, you said in the summer that you would decide on the leadership group. Have you already done that and told the players about it?

It’s not about making a choice, something official, or something public. The team is full of leaders, led by Martin, who also serves as the team’s captain.

As you may have noticed during the preseason, there are often lineup changes, with players moving up to the second and third spots, then down to positions four and five.

We currently have a large number of people who are capable of doing that, so what I’m really interested in is empowering the qualities they have as human beings and ensuring that the leaders emerge.

Who would be two and three right now, just to be sure?

When we play, you’ll see.

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