DETAILED COMMENTARY: On Arsenal vs. Everton Match 0-90 minutes.

DETAILED COMMENTARY: On Arsenal vs. Everton Match 0-90 minutes.

Arsenal vs. Everton in real time: 1-0 (Patterson and Chermiti enter).

As they struggle for points early in the season, the Blues host the Gunners.

88′ – Everton kicks a free kick into the box, Raya grabs it, then loses control of the ball after going over a crowd, but referee Hooper immediately signals a foul.

86′ – The Blues make two final substitutions, with Nathan Patterson and Youssef Chermiti making their Goodison debuts.

Everton sends the ball into the box at 84′, where it is briefly played head tennis before being cleared by the Arsenal.

Young is caught too late, and the Blues are unable to capitalize. Goodison is dissatisfied that the player wasn’t cautioned or the play was reversed.

More changes at 80′.

While Tomiyasu and Havertz are on for the Gunners, James Garner takes the place of Doucoure.

Tarky and Branth were on the ground attempting to block a shot, but it’s Myko who steps in to stop the attack at the 77-second mark, saving the Blues.

At the 74-second mark, the Blues are still not in danger. Another excellent overlap by Arsenal on the right results in a White cross that an unmarked Vieira mishandles, oh no.

73: Pickford throws a fantastic pass to Myko, who sprints around the defense and earns a corner.

Raya receives no opposition, so Young takes it, but the goalie collects.

69′ – Short corner, Trossard accurately and viciously strikes Saka’s cutback, which deflects off the back post and into the goal. Arsenal is ahead 1-0, ugh.

There was nothing Pickford could do.

66′ – Calvert-Lewin replaces Beto, and Gabriel Jesus takes Nketiah’s place.

Danjuma receives the ball and attempts a lob, but it misses the mark.

Gueye is fouled by Vieira in the middle of the field at the 64-second mark. Young had another opportunity to put the ball into the box, but Tarky’s attempt to head it across goal was too clear because four red shirts were positioned in front of him.

60th minute: Doucs is in more danger in the box, but Branthwaite and Pickers can clear it with another strong header.

However, the Blues keep possession of the ball for a while and fail to forge a significant opening.

Doucs drops the ball at the 58-second mark, and Nketiah quickly recovers it before Tarky cuts it out for a corner.

Another corner on the Everton left is now properly cleared.

Arsenal sets a pick short to Trossard, but Tarky maneuvers around it with his arms close to his body, blocking the shot.

another nook.

56′ – Trossard receives a lovely no-look pass from Zinchenko, who finds him unmarked.

Myko successfully clears his cutback, and Vieira lines up to shoot when the offside flag is raised, disabling Trossard.

54′ – Tarky makes a daring run to get clear after a dangerous cross that pings off a blue shirt into the box.

53′ – Not for the first time, Myko loses focus and the ball squirms away, ending a period of possession.

48 seconds – Beto, who is trying to get past the Blues’ defense, collides with Gabriel and loses his footing, drawing a booking for the Arsenal player.

Blues have a chance at a free kick, but Young’s effort is insufficient, and it is cleared.

Vieira puts the ball through the six-yard box, where no one can meet it, Saka puts it back, and Big Branth cuts it out.

This creates a shooting opportunity, which Pickers parries, and Vieira converts.

early danger in this.

The Blues lose the ball right away to begin the second half at 46′.

Everton played better in the latter stages of the first half, according to halftime thoughts.

Keep up the work rate, play a more physical game, and be better with the ball in the opposing half.

Onana was fouled during a break in play at 45+4′, and the official whistled for a foul.

At halftime, the scores were oddly still tied, 0-0.

Beto and Saliba collide at 45+3′; Beto’s arm may have caught the defender’s neck, but Saliba falls to the ground clutching his face as if he had taken a punch from Mike Tyson. Hooper is unimpressed, and with good reason.

McNeil’s shot attempt at 45+1′ ends in a miss.

Young commits the foul and receives a booking after Onana makes a clear-cut pass that allows the Gunners to break.

45′ – Everton lost focus just around this time the last time they played Arsenal (in London), and the game got away from them.

Now McNeil makes a mistake but is fortunate that Vieira’s pass was subpar.

To be extended by an additional four minutes.

McNeil and Danjuma have switched flanks at 44′, but they are still having no luck.

White attempts a shot at Pickford at 41′.

As the Blues continue to attempt to play out, Gana is unable to connect with Myko, and they lose another pass.

Gueye is taken out by Rice at 39′, and Simon Hooper smiles as he observes the play. Young tries to put the ball into the box for the Blues’ free kick, but Arsenal can clear it.

37′ – Gunners all over the place as the Blues are either arriving late or leaving a foot in.

We’ll never understand why Myko was not cautioned for that action against Saka, but hey, we already know that inconsistent refereeing occurs.

31′ – Chance! Doucoure steals the ball from Rice and rushes forward, trying to get around Saliba, but it is obviously not a penalty because he went over the defender.

Myko now fouls Saka, allowing Odegaard to put the ball into the box while Myko makes room for a throw.

Saliba removes Beto from the game in the 29th minute after the Blues had a slim chance to score.

Once the Blues have repositioned themselves, Young sends in a quality cross, but only McNeil can get there in time, and Raya grabs it.

A cross back into the box is overhit after Saka skins Myko and finds himself in a ton of space at the 27-minute mark.

24′ – Martinelli leaves the game after feeling his hamstring and is replaced by Leandro Trossard.

It appears that he may have hurt himself with that goal.

Punished after 20′. Beto tries to deflect a long ball, but it goes all the way back for Nketiah to Vieira, who then spots Martinelli in the open area behind Young and the Brazilian tucks it in at the far post.

Although VAR will examine it, that was inevitable.

Whew, it must have been extremely close for the VAR to rule No Goal.

17: Doucs tries to find Beto by heading a bouncing ball goalward, but Gabriel intercepts it and heads it back to Raya

The Blues try to break after intercepting a pass in their own half, but the ball intended for the open Doucs is also intercepted by Beto.

15′ – Here’s some Everton football for you – Doucoure makes the effort to steal the ball from Odegaard but promptly gives it away with a shoddy pass.

Pickford steps out to intercept a backpass at the 12 second mark. Eddie Nketiah arrives half a second later, the England 1 takes off, leaving Goodison unimpressed as the volume increases.

8′ – McNeil loses possession of the ball in the middle third after being caught in possession, forcing Branthwaite to cross the field to clear for a corner.

Saka overhits it, and Branthwaite’s clearance deflects off Young to give Everton another opportunity to score.

Vieira receives the short pass and attempts a shot, but it is wild.

Arsenal has had sole possession up to this point. The few times the Blues have had the ball, they haven’t been able to find any scoring opportunities.

3′ – It’s interesting to note that Dwight McNeil has been on the left and Arnaut Danjuma has been on the right.

With a clearance for an early corner for the guests, the latter assists. James Tarkowski, the captain, has an intimidating clearance.

The guests kick things off at 1′!

Here we go after a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the natural disasters in Libya and Morocco.

Everton will start with Dwight McNeil and Vitaliy Mykolenko in the starting lineup, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin sitting on the sidelines. Interestingly, James Garner and Nathan Patterson cede.

Gabriel Jesus is waiting for the guests on a bench.

It’s interesting that David Raya has replaced Aaron Ramsdale, who was rumored to have been England’s first choice to replace Jordan Pickford.


Everton is looking to build on some of the form they displayed to start this season when they return from the break for international play. While they started off last season with a similar lack of points, it was the defense that looked good under Frank Lampard; in contrast, this season they are creating a lot of chances while playing mediocre defense.

Sean Dyche had better have used the past week or so to come up with some better game plans for the Blues because, unfortunately, the opposition they will face will get tougher as the schedule progresses.

Arsenal wants to improve on their performance from the previous year, when they nearly defeated Premier League champions Manchester City before Pep Guardiola’s team pulled away late.

A loss at Goodison Park, a match that has grown to be somewhat of a bogey game for former Blue Mikel Arteta, was one of those outcomes that did set the Gunners back.

Match Information.

Matchweek 5 of the Premier League.

September 17th, 8:30 a.m. is the date and time of the event.

PT / 11:30 a.m  ET / 4:30 p.m.

Liverpool, England’s Goodison Park is the location of the stadium.

39,572 maximum users.

21°C, 69°F, cloudy, 20% chance of precipitation, and 14 mph winds are the current weather conditions.

Final gathering.

James Tarkowski’s header from a corner gave the Toffees a victory over Arsenal at Goodison Park in Sean Dyche’s first game in charge of the Blues last season.

A month later, the Gunners would exact revenge by destroying Everton 4-0, though it might have been more.

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