Everton vs. Arsenal 8 Observations: Rotation has begun; we have a new Super-Sub; solid debut.

Everton vs. Arsenal 8 Observations: Rotation has begun; we have a new Super-Sub; solid debut.

What conclusions did you draw from that, then?

Even though Arsenal can play some incredible football, we are currently leading the league thanks to the pre-Wenger mentality of winning 1-0.

Instead of flamboyance and style, choose grit, toughness, and resilience. I like it because without it we simply wouldn’t have a shot at winning the League this year.

Eight observations are made.

David Raya, I salute you; what a debut; he may not have had much to do, but he did it all with poise and assurance, and that trickled down to the rest of the defense.

Additionally, his distribution was flawless. Class.

Vitalii Mykelenko, an Everton player, is one who, if signed, I believe will compete favorably with his Arsenal counterpart. I would happily trade this 24-year-old Ukrainian with his neighbor to our left.

For me, The Zinch’s passing is too haphazard because he lacks poise and accuracy.

Yes, he occasionally makes a beautiful pass, but far too frequently, he gives the ball away to our opponents. Mykelenko made a big impression for Everton, just as he did last week against England.

an individual to keep an eye on.

Trossard might end up being our season’s super-sub.

Martinelli was disappointed that his goal was disallowed and that he had to leave the game due to a hamstring injury, but the Tross helped us forget about him.

Leandro’s technical prowess is one of his really strong points. He puts in a lot of effort and is a good passer, but his best quality is his accuracy from the field. I adore this guy.

Eddie struggled during this game.

We need to move and be able to hold onto the ball wherever it is when the opposition blocks deeply. Eddie performs best when sprinting into empty space or when we produce many balls into the box; sooner or later, Eddie will be in the right place and wham! he scores.

However, Eddie was unable to give us any sort of advantage today as the entire team struggled to generate momentum and commotion in the opposing team’s box.

I believe we can officially rule out Arteta’s plan to not rotate the team this year.

It is clear that he will mix and match players more frequently going forward by starting with Raya, Eddie, and Vieira.

Let’s wait and see what happens on Wednesday, but I anticipate that there will be at least four changes.

Even though Saka is not at his best this season, he still manages to produce; two goals and two assists in five Premier League games is a sign of quality.

I appreciate how he avoids imposing himself. Bukayo is so composed and constantly searching for that perfect second. and he repeated it when he helped Trossard.

Once more, the refereeing was subpar.

The referee was enjoying it when Everton roughed up Arsenal, who don’t like it when that happens.

In addition, the commentary was clumsy and proverbially poor.

Fortunately, we prevailed so that we could advance to the following match.

Mikel, good work. The substitutions were perfect, and it was obvious that you had the team focused for more than 90 minutes.

We are a wolf pack pursuing Citeh, and I like that we are slightly in front of them.

The media will continue to support Guardiola’s team and would love for us to lead so they could use the whole “Looks who is behind you, Arsenal” rhetoric, so let’s maintain our momentum and keep producing results.

The only thing that matters is OGAAT during this lengthy season. Bring on the best of Eindhoven!

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