Aaron Ramsdale will be “furious,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta warned amid David Raya criticism.

Aaron Ramsdale will be “furious,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta warned amid David Raya criticism.

Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, has been warned that benching England international Aaron Ramsdale will result in a disgruntled locker room.
Aaron Ramsdale has lost his starting position at the club.

Aaron Ramsdale will be “furious” about losing his starting spot, according to former Liverpool player Stephen Warnock, who has warned Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal.

Ramsdale, the Gunners’ starter for the previous two seasons, has been benched in favor of David Raya.
In three of Arsenal’s most recent games across all competitions, the Spaniard has started and recorded two shutouts.

On Sunday in the North London Derby, he made an incredible save in the first half but also gave up two goals as Tottenham held off Arsenal.
Following that excellent stop by Brennan Johnson, Ramsdale was seen cheering on his rival.

However, despite the Englishman’s continued outward support, Warnock thinks that he is concealing his true feelings. And the former fullback acknowledged feeling sorry for Ramsdale’s treatment.

“Ramsdale is in a terrible situation because if he pouts and sulks, everyone picks on him, and if he claps, he’s being sarcastic. People are claiming that he is almost being sarcastic and that he is doing this to draw attention to himself, according to Warnock, who spoke to Sky Sports News.

“He is considering whether what he is doing is right. What should he do that is right. I’m certain that he is enraged on the inside.
Since I don’t believe the Arsenal goalkeeper has committed any wrongdoing, I would also hold that

He has, in my opinion, been outstanding and has disproven many assumptions. I’ll be honest and admit that, at the time of his signing, I wasn’t entirely convinced that he was the goalkeeper that Arsenal ought to choose. Then, however, what he demonstrated in terms of form and character startled me.

Comment below if you think Mikel Arteta’s decision to bench Aaron Ramsdale was the right one.

Raya made an excellent save, and Ramsdale was seen applauding him (.Image:. X/@SkySportsPL).

“He has been brilliant.
Now that you consider it, it seems harsh to him.
But a manager must make important choices, as Mikel Arteta has since joining Arsenal.
There is a chance that David Raya has moved ahead.

Unexpectedly, Ramsdale has faced criticism for his support of Raya at the Emirates on Sunday.
By applauding Raya’s save, Jamie Carragher suggested that the England international was acting for the cameras.

“This afternoon, when someone loses an award, everyone starts cheering and grinning for the loser, and I thought I was at the Oscars.
That’s how it felt, and when I saw that, I laughed because I knew he must be in utter disbelief, Carragher told Sky Sports.

“I believe he will be looking in January if he has a good chance of going to a good club if the club is willing to let him go, he’s actually done a lot better than a lot of people thought he would at Arsenal,” said the source.


“They could probably sell him for a good sum of money too, so it might be something we see.
Two goalkeepers of the same caliber, especially two of the best, are never present in the same squad because, more often than not, they are both insufficient.

“I really admire Arteta for making the decision because it was so brutal, and I don’t see Ramsdale rejoining the squad.
Aaron Ramsdale will have to make way for Raya, who is currently, in my opinion, the best option.
I believe it is very likely to occur if they receive a good fee and he joins a reputable club in January.

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