An ex-Premier League official claims that the VAR decision should have upheld Arsenal’s goal.

An ex-Premier League official claims that the VAR decision should have upheld Arsenal’s goal.

Mark Halsey feels that it was unfortunate that Arsenal were denied the goal after Gabriel Martinelli’s first-half goal at Everton was ruled out by VAR for an offside in the build-up.

Mark Halsey, a former Premier League official, questioned the decision to overturn Gabriel Martinelli’s goal and doesn’t think the video was “clear” as Arsenal defeated Everton 1-0.

Martinelli, 22, thought he had given the Gunners the lead at Goodison Park when he burst through before coolly slipping the ball past Jordan Pickford.

However, a VAR review determined that Eddie Nketiah was in an offside position during the buildup, so the goal was disallowed.

The lack of different camera angles inside the stadium “confused” Gary Neville, and many people were perplexed as to why the goal was chalked off because Gabriel’s pass deflected off Beto before it reached Nketiah.

Nketiah would be in an offside position if he was behind the final defender when the ball was played, but the officials determined that Beto’s touch was not intentional.

Now that Nketiah has admitted he was offside, Halsey says he’s not sure if the lines were drawn correctly to determine this.

The Premier League released video that appeared to show Nketiah’s trailing right leg drifting into an offside position when Beto touched the ball.

According to Halsey, the VAR must consider all factors, including offside, fouls committed during the course of play that led to the goal, and unintentional handballs committed by the goal scorer.

It appeared to be offside at the time, but it was unclear from the video because it didn’t seem like the cameras were parallel to the action.

Neville, in contrast, was adamant that the goal should have stood when he said, “Well, he’s not offside, Everton aren’t going to get that decision their way,” while co-commentating for Sky Sports.

The VAR review disallowed Gabriel Martinelli’s goal.

They’re a little bit high up, and Martinelli punishes them.

Everton has been waiting to lose the first 20 minutes of the game, and if they keep playing like this, they will lose.

That finish is reminiscent of Thierry Henry!

“[Following VAR ruling] Well, even I’m a little perplexed; I thought he looked well behind the line there.

Did they not have a camera angle that was more favorable?

“That one is a strange one for me; it appeared to have come off an Everton player, in my opinion. I believed there would be a better angle than what they just used for VAR because there are so many cameras buried in the ground.”.

In terms of the game itself, Arsenal dominated for significant stretches before finally scoring midway through the second half.

To give the Gunners three points and keep up their unbeaten start to the season, Leandro Trossard completed a hard-earned move.

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