Getting ready for the Spurs matchup inside the gym.

Since our victory over PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League came to an end, attention has been focused on Sunday’s north London derby.
With Inside Training, you can see what has been happening at London Colney.

We’ll be attempting to defeat Tottenham for the fifth time in the last six meetings and earn a third victory in as many days when they make the quick trip to our area of the capital this weekend in an effort to maintain their best-ever Premier League start.

Our cameras caught our players preparing for the big game while Mikel Arteta kept a close eye on them.
This, combined with the chance to give our fans derby day bragging rights, meant that our players were totally focused on the task at hand.

Due in large part to the fantastic atmosphere that the Gooners have already produced at Emirates Stadium this season, Bukayo Saka is really looking forward to this Sunday’s north London derby.

I’m super excited,” he exclaimed.
“Playing at home is definitely advantageous.
Every time I play at the Emirates, I get the impression that the crowd is behind us and that we are going to win.
We get an extra confidence boost from the fans’ support, which prevents us from losing.

“Since last year, all the players and everyone at the club has realized what the fans have been doing at the Emirates, and they’ve created a really beautiful atmosphere.

“I will always be appreciative of the love and support people show us.
Each and every time I put the shirt on, I really appreciate it.”.

When questioned about his recent struggles on the right wing, Saka outlined how he’s embracing the various challenges that his opponents are presenting him with.

He declared, “I’m enjoying it, but it’s turning into a real challenge.
“The league has some of the best left-backs, and each game pits you against a different set of opponents. Some are stronger and more aggressive, while others are faster.
Occasionally, I have to play against two opponents.
It’s comforting to know that each game presents a unique challenge.

“Beating your man is one thing, but my real attention is on the result after that.”.

Saka consistently produces high-quality results, but he attributes his success in scoring goals to the growing chemistry of the team as a whole.

Football is about teams, not just individuals, he said.
“You need your teammates; consequently, as I advance, I feel like my teammates are as well.
Every year, not just me, but all of us see an increase in our numbers.
It’s good to see that everyone has the ability to score and produce.

“Everyone is so adaptable and imaginative.
It’s a lot of fun because you’re on the field and can freely attack.

“As we’ve played together more, the understanding gets better and better.
For instance, I have a great understanding of Martin because we have been playing together for the past three years. Of course, Ben White is also behind me.
I think we get along well and understand one another, so the chemistry is excellent.”.

Martin Odegaard being the subject, Bukayo was overjoyed to learn on Friday that our captain had extended his contract with the team.

He added that he was crucial as a leader in addition to being a player. I love and respect the way he leads, despite the fact that it is different. We all agree that he possesses incredible talent and is the beloved captain who both sets up and scores goals.

“I’m glad he got the new contract; I don’t mind being stuck with him.”.

It’s remarkable to see how far Bukayo has advanced in such a short period of time and how he is now one of our key players.
Our star boy only had one thought when thinking back on rising through the ranks.

I only wanted to play for Arsenal, he claimed.
All I could think of was that. Once I had the chance, I focused on remaining on the team, and I’ve made an effort to do so.

Particularly as a young player, “you need people around you that trust you. You can have a good game or a bad game, but when coaches are willing to put them back in, it boosts your confidence.
The number of games I’ve played shows how much trust my managers have placed in me.

“I made a lot of mistakes, but I no longer repeat them because I’ve learned from them, so that really helped me to grow. You can tell that I’m playing with a lot more maturity now than when I was 17 or 18.

“I’ve improved in every area, including 1v1s, finishing, movements, and combinations with my teammates.
My understanding of the game has also advanced significantly. I simply want to continue honing my skills.”.

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